Saturday, 4 July 2015


I hoiked my new gadget out of the cupboard and had a go at spiralizing this week.  It worked a treat and on a hot day .....

... a plate full of cool spiralized courgette or 'courgetti' is just what you need.

I don't think I really need one of these .... lol,  but the chickens loved it.

With some homemade Ratatouille it made for a lovely tasty tea.

This post is to take my mind of what lurks near the polytunnel, I'll let you in on that one tomorrow when I've taken a couple of photos of it!!

Sue xx


  1. Great aren't they :) You have the same one as me, happy spiralizing :)

  2. I love mine! try it with some homemade Pesto ( goes really well with the flavor of the courgette)

  3. A snake? The children just spotted a snake disappear in under the barn bridge, it is now hiding out under the wood stack, juck! Your meal looks fun :). Happy weekend, from Pam in Norway

  4. Loving these guesses ..... a little clue, it's not or ever was alive ;-)

  5. I saw the Hemsley sisters on TV & ordered their cook book. Interested to see how you get on.

    Have you found something of historic value ( a burial site ) which means you have to have the whole plot dug up ?

  6. More big pipes or rocks and BIG machinery?!

  7. Not into gadgets but love that.

  8. Hello Sue! This looks a great gadget to have, I might have to invest! I hope that what lurks near the polytunnel is not too scary! :) Fiona - Lucy's Cottage

  9. I do like my spiralizer too. I treated myself to one with some Amazon Points I had. I wasn't sure about it when I first pulled it out of the box.. I thought mmm really... But how fun it is and it does a nice job with most of the veggies I have tried in it this thus far. I must say Zucchini are my favorite thing to run through it. They are so versatile as to what you can do with them!


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