Thursday, 9 July 2015

Even more free seeds ......

My monthly subscription to Kitchen Garden arrived the other day and with it .... even more free seeds, another £7.18 worth to be exact.

My little seed tin of all the freebies is now almost full to bursting point and in total I have £85.49 worth of free seeds collected over the last couple of months from this magazine and a few from Grow Your Own magazine, which I pick up when I'm out and about shopping.  With all these packets of seeds it should see us pretty well fed for next year .... and most likely the year after that too.

This could possibly be my best purchase of this year.

Sue xx


  1. You have quite a haul there. My daughter works for a agricultural company that often give seeds away with there products so I'm lucky to get some freebies from time to time. Other than that I purchase end of season buys at 20P, various ones from the internet and dry seeds myself from this year crop. You are very organised and your ambition of being (mostly)self sufficient is slowly becoming reality.

  2. Once I've finished building my shed I'm going to get better organised with my seeds. I'm planning on having a fridge in there for ogher things I do (sheep medicine) so might even store some seeds in there as germination rates haven't been amazing for me this year. I'll sort through my collection and discard any I'm not going to use as I have boxes of them now!

  3. You definitely have these well organized, and so many to pick from for your planting.

  4. That is a good haul, your seed tin makes my plastic bag from Asda look a bit crap in comparison!

  5. Yep it is a good sub from a freebie pov!

  6. I have tons of seeds and need to go through them and discard many, I have loads that have come from magazines, I do wish instead of the run of a mill F1 hybrids they would occasionally do some heritage seeds, it would be nice if they would introduce something different to there readers. :-)

  7. I love growing things from seed, it is a cheap way of getting lots of plants and satisfying when they grow, but even more so when the seeds themselves are free, looking forward to seeing what they produce for you next year :)

  8. I've also gathered lots of seeds from giveaways and those gathered from the garden - and there will soon be more as my plants stop flowering. Trouble is, I could do with a double-sized extension to my garden to plant them in!
    I've already dug up parts of the lawn and put plants in there, but soon there will be nowhere for my dog to snooze in the sunshine!


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