Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keeping up with the veggies ......

It's that time of year again, when us growers spend it seems all our time trying to keep up with the veggies. 
We turn our back for a moment and there is yet another Courgette that has decided it wanted to be a Marrow all along.  Recipes are all around in Blogland for things to do with the vast number of courgettes, we are eating them everyday at the moment, and will continue to do so while the plants are throwing so many at us.  There is at least two in every one of our jugs of juices, whether the recipe says courgette or not we add them simply to use them up. 
Last night after drinking juices containing courgette all day we had oven roasted courgette, onions and tomatoes with garlic and chilli oil for tea, it was absolutely yummy.  Mind you since we've been juicing ALL food tastes so much better, we can pick out individual flavours in a medley of items, it's as though our taste buds are super charged.
The pea pods fill with peas before our very eyes in the Tin Bath and drink up every bit of water we give them.  It's been a bumper crop this year after the disappointment of last.
The cucumber plants have just started giving us a cucumber a day, and they taste absolutely gorgeous.  You simply cannot beat a homegrown cucumber fresh off the plant with the lightest sprinkle of salt and black pepper.
We are not getting as many eggs at the moment, four of the girls have gone broody and are determined to sit on absolutely nothing.  I go over to Chicken World whenever I am passing and fling open all available doors and flaps on the henhouse to try and cool them down and make nesting as unappealing as possible.  Then I forcibly evict them and set them down next to the feeders or drinkers to try and distract them, but usually as soon as my back is turned there is a little line of hens going back up the ramp to once again take their places in the empty nest boxes.
It's a good job we have so many vegetables to eat and that we can do without our usual larger quantity of eggs.
Sue xx


  1. Have you tried putting your empty pea pods through the juicer. I made pea pod soup once, and it certainly tasted of strong peas.

  2. Or pea pod wine :-)

    I have three eggs laying hens - the rest are either broody or on strike due to the weather.

    off to pick some courgettes, tomatoes, etc etc

  3. Broody hens here too, even the cockerel has taken to sitting in with his ladies lol.
    I love this time of year when you can go in the garden and pick yummy goodies for meals.
    My courgettes have only just started producing, surprising how much difference in growing seasons there is between up here in Scotland and lower down the UK.My mum's garden in Lancashire was always at least a month ahead of mine.
    Lovely veggies :)

  4. Courgettes are wonderful stuffed with fresh veggies and given a light baking, too.

  5. I can't keep up! And that's without courgettes.

  6. You would win the flower show, veg basket first with that one

    1. ** blushes ** Thank You

      I'll keep quiet about the caterpillars that crawled out of the cauliflower then :-)

  7. Hmmmm.....We also have two hens who insist upon sitting on eggs. No matter what we do they keep on getting back in the nest box. We have had to start sort of rationing eggs, too.
    Sadly, we do NOT have the beautiful bounty of vege that you have! So far, we have picked ONE zucchini. Hubby remembers the days, in a different climate, when he would sneak bags and bags of zucchini onto the seats of his friends' cars just to get rid of them. They then started locking the car doors. Climate is everything.
    We just have to buy vege often. We are eating more and more of them these days. The other evening I counted 9 different vege in our stir fry for dinner. It was delicious.
    We also had a bit of homegrown chicken. At least we can supply our own meat. Do you also raise chickens for meat?

    1. No, all our girls are layers not meat birds, and I wouldn't dream of eating one of the family :-)

  8. I'm sure you know that in the US we call courgettes, zucchini? I just thought of something since I dabble in studying Italian. Zucca is pumpkin or squash so zucc ini must mean little squashes. I never thought of that before.

  9. I'm panicking! Turned my back on the courgette plants for a few days and they are ENORMOUS. I have more blackcurrants than I know what to do with, and a mountain of green beans. Am practicing some deep breathing. And designing a notice for the front door, "NOBODY LEAVES WITHOUT A COURGETTE". Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. That cauliflower is beautiful! I use all our abundance of zucchini into zucchini bread. Yummy and good for you except for the icing/glaze I spread on mine. ;)

    Jake's a Girl

  11. I'm jealous, I don't even have a flower on the plants yet!!!

  12. Hi Sue, your peas (well all the veggies) look lovely. I have been slightly inspired by your tin bath. I have continued to grow salad leaf and a couple of herbs in pots in our small yard, but would love to have had fresh peas here; if we are up here next year, or settled anywhere for a reasonable amount of time, I will certainly consider growing peas. I have also grown radish in the past and have missed not having them this year. I was seriously considering tomatoes but was not sure they would have ripened enough by the time we come to leave here. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx


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