Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Filling the freezer......

Strictly speaking my Challenge is all about emptying the cupboards, fridges and freezers, but at the moment I seem to be putting more in than I'm taking out.  But all the preserving and making isn't costing me a penny and is making the Challenge last even longer, so it's no bad thing really. 

Yesterday I harvested one of the Rhubarb plants and used the five huge Golden Delicious apples that we got from our baby apple tree (it produced seven but Lovely Hubby snaffled the others while he was working on the tractor on a couple of occasions) to make crumbles.

 Now these weren't like the supermarket Golden Delicious, they were very large and very firm, with a lovely sweet yet tangy flavour (I must confess to nibbling rather a lot while I peeled and sliced them yesterday).  So I decided they would be perfect to cook with and a good accomaniament to the Rhubarb.  In total I made nine crumbles, 2 Apple, 2 Apple and Rhubarb and 4 Rhubarb for the freezer and one slightly larger Apple and Rhubarb for last nights supper.

It was large we were so full after eating it we just lay there grinning at each other!!  SO tasty.

The others are all a more manageable two portion size and are now tucked up in the freezer all ready for when a tasty comforting pudding is the order of the day.

Today I will be picking the remaining rhubarb and most likely just briefly blanching it in case we want to use it for another purpose.  Then I have to start on potting up the Strawberries, we have loads of runners off this years plants and I am determined that when we move they will be coming with us, we had a wonderful crop this year and although moving them might make next years a bit sparser it will be well worth it.

Sue xx


  1. The crumbles look lovely, what do you use for your crumble mix Sue? Some people add to the basic mix.

  2. I just do a basic mix..... flour, butter and a little bit of caster sugar, then I add some oats and a sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon.

    It's surprising the difference a little cinnamon makes to the taste.

    Sue xx

  3. Looking good! I'm struggling to get anything in our freezers at the moment :) My Crumble mix is different every time, I throw allsorts in.

  4. I didn't realise you were moving? That is a bit sad to read, after all your efforts with the farm...

  5. I'm telling you, your blog is one of the best, most informative that I follow! Pleask keep doing what you're doing!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a free scrapbooking software suite called My Memories. Come by and enter! Cheers!

  6. Compostwoman - Our lease is up here soon and we have to find somewhere else. This was only ever going to be for three years while we trialed the lifestyle, now we know we love it we need to be able to save up and buy our own place. It's too expensive to stay here we wouldn't be able to save enough. So we have to look for somewhere with less land and a smaller house for the next 3 or 4 years.

    But you know us....always up for a challenge!!

    My crumbles vary each time too Mo, it's nice to never know what you're getting :-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment Deb, you'll have me blushing!!

    Sue xx

  7. Hi Sue, just wondered if everything is ok with your world as you havnt blogged for a while. Kind regards, Lynda x


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