Wednesday 9 August 2017

Do I Still Do the Things

I've been asked a couple of times if I still do any of the things I used to post about on my various Challenge blogs and on here ... well the answer is a resounding YES  :-)

As you can see from the top photo I religiously check after I have shopped at Asda to make full use of their Asda Price Guarantee thingy.  They don't advertise this anymore either in store or on the receipts, but it is still very much in operation.  Nine times out of ten I get a voucher after I check my receipt online.  

We still get our Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and make good use of them to buy things that we can't grow or produce ourselves.  Although we have now cancelled our Tesco credit card and use just one credit card to keep things simpler (of course paying it off in full every month).

We went out to buy Alan some new jeans the other day as he has lost weight and was having real trouble keeping his jeans up, at the checkout we were given this voucher along with our receipt ...

... when we got home our latest quarterly Marks and Spencer's vouchers were laying on the doormat. 

So if I put one with the other and I will be able to get £35 worth of food for just £15.  Yes ... a little happy dance was danced :-)

Oh and although I have stopped buying this magazine on subscription, I just couldn't resist this offer when I was in Tesco the other night after the Trelawnyd Flower Show,  I must have had growing things still on my mind.

But I just couldn't say no to almost £24 worth of free seeds and a free dvd (which isn't brilliant but I did get a good recipe from it for Cucumber Pickle).

Inside the magazine was this, now the question is  ... can I resist the thought of another £36 worth of seeds and three copies of the magazine for just £5 ?  You just have to be very careful to cancel the subscription before they take the next payment out, something they are relying on you not to do.

So as this all shows I am still a sucker for coupons, vouchers and freebies ... but as hobbies go this isn't so bad  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Great savings and as one Supermarket jingle says @Every Little Helps'

  2. I think when you have the money saving bug it stays with you. I would go for the magazine offer.

  3. Hi Sue i,m so glad you are posting again i did i little happy skip when i saw the blog post pop up :) some great coupons there
    Sammie xx

    1. Haha ... I only managed to stay away for a few weeks .... I'm a blogger through and through :-)

  4. The seed offer seems very good. I never look at the magazine racks any more, but perhaps I'll cast my eye over it next time!
    I too continue to enjoy your blog posts x

  5. I do subscribe to Kitchen Garden Magazine and when that same issue was delivered this month it only had 3 free seed packets with it. - not the bundle pictured above!

  6. I noticed this discrepancy when I used to get it on subscription!!

    In Tesco there were nearly always extra free gifts attached to the magazine. I suppose you have to make a choice, a cheaper cost per magazine on subscription plus your opening offer or pay the full cover price of £4.99 and get extra freebies to compensate.

  7. This all makes me feel very ashamed.

  8. Do you still get 'Grow Your Own' - and which would be the best to subscribe to do you think, that or Kitchen Garden?

  9. I think that you will always do what you have done. It is ingrained in your way of life now.

    God bless.

  10. I too continue to enjoy your blog posts x


  11. Caught the savings bug off you from reading your blog and loving it. Any chance of the Cucumber pickle recipe please.


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