Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm almost back.......

Mavis and Charley say Hi !!
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow now that Lovely Hubby has sorted out our computer .... it lives to Blog another day :-)
Suky and Rosy say ... Bye !!
Sue xx


  1. You've got four posers there! Don't they just know they are gorgeous!

  2. Oh hat a difference in Mavis! She looks as if she is smiling, which is wonderful to see.

  3. *what a difference, not hat a difference!

  4. It looks like Mavis is really home & has taken Charley under her wing!

  5. That first photo is so cute…Charley is growing fast!

  6. I'm so pleased Mavis is so happy and back to her old self xx


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