Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I've Still Got Those Green Fingers

Spurred on my by accidental rooting of some cut Rosemary last month I decided to pop some Basil in the little mug on the windowsill to see if that would root as easily, and yep ... just three days later look what I got.
Potted up in a couple of my vintage pots they look brilliant ....

... and give me something nice to look at while I'm washing the pots.
It smells gorgeous too when the sun shines on them first thing every morning, who needs artificial air fresheners!!
Sue xx


  1. I love those little pots, they're so cute x

  2. They do look very vintage, I love them!

  3. Well, who would have thought it, I'll have to give that a go, think of the savings.

  4. Ah! Just grown some from seed! I could have got a plant from Aldi and taken cuttings. I did buy a packet of rosemary from there and put them in water, 8 pieces altogether, 5 plants obtained from the pieces. The price of the rosemary pieces? Just 40p!
    You prove that it doesn't need to be expensive to grow things!

  5. i love your little vintage pots. great idea!!!!
    have a nice evening,

  6. I love basil, so I will be trying this even tho my fingers aren't green

  7. I didn't know you could do that with basil. I have a love hate relationship with the herb. I love to eat it and it hates me growing it. I've got an old galvanised sorting tray that I grow it in and it always does well in that but anywhere else I try it and I think I kill it with kindness.

  8. Yes thank you for that, I adore basil

  9. I didn't realise you could do that with basil, I love it so I will be giving that a try. xx

  10. Pretty cool isnt it? Makes you wonder what other herbs will grow from a cutting.

  11. I'm definitely giving this a go, I think I'll try rosemary first. I have have the same relationship with basil as Kev does, I love it but have always had trouble growing it.

  12. I love that you can do this with basil. I once filled (stuffed) a strawberry style growing pot with plants all from one 'growing herb' pot from the stupormarket. :-)


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