Friday, 20 December 2013

Free Ranging

After the rains of the last few days Chicken World is a mud bath and as there is no time to move it along the paddock before the move, each morning that I am at home to keep a general eye on them the girls (and boys) are free ranging over the whole of our 4.5 acres.
I say that but in reality all though they could free range over all of the land they don't go far, they loiter just outside Chicken World, near to their feeders and water drinkers.  They sit under the trampoline if the rain starts and if they fancy stretching their legs, or they hear me or the dogs out and about they visit the house.

It's nice to have chickens on the patio, it's how we started off in the first few days, weeks and months of chicken keeping when we had only 10 rescued White Stars.  They mooched about around and on occasion in the house very soon becoming part of the family.  It's amazing how quickly you can lose your heart to a chicken.
Sue xx


  1. Know what you mean. We had a couple of bantams for a while when I was growing up, I always remember Henny Penny and Chicken Licken (not the most of original names but I we were only young at the time!). :o)

  2. I loved my girls free ranging... until they stripped the garden bare... then started on the neighbours' gardens !

  3. I love looking at your chickens. It really gives me hope for our next move that we can have a few in our new homes garden. I watch them at my sisters. Chickens really do have personalities. My sister sits on the steps and 2 of them rush over one likes her to give her a stroke and the other one wants to get into her lap. I think they think they are cats and dogs! lol

  4. It's great having chickens we only have 2 of them in our little suburban backyard but we love them. What gets me is we have lovely grass for them to roam around on yet they walk over to the paved area and it does drive me mad because they poo on it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. I'm so looking forward to having my own next year.

  6. I always thought I'd be truly living the country life if I had chickens, ducks or geese (maybe all three.. ) following me about in the garden. Still working on it..

  7. I`d love to have a few chickens, but living in a council house doesn`t allow it.

  8. Don't you have the foxes sniffing around if your ladies roam? I live in the country and often see foxes in the daytime, would be horrible to lose what is in effect a pet

    1. I also have the dogs 'free-ranging', a dog running around and barking is a very good fox deterrent, and the birds are only out for a couple of days before the move. A fox takes time to 'suss' out it's potential food source usually.

  9. Exciting changes ! It is great to have such space:-)


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