Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Farewell to the Woolly Ones

Farmer Will's van drew up at the gate while we were busy working in the house on Saturday, and he and his son starting loading the sheep into the trailer, he vanished down the road with the first half and then returned for the rest. 
 Lovely Hubby strolled over to have a chat and now it seems is the time the sheep are going to a small field with shelters ready to face the worst of the Winter weather with a bit more protection.  Hopefully the Ram will have earned his keep and there should be lots of little lambs in the next few months.  Will thanked us for alerting him to the sheep that were coughing, as thanks to our noticing he managed to dose up the Ram and save him from dying of Pneumonia, like one of the flock did.
Suky is going to miss her little woolly friends, she already looks to the empty field with a forlorn look on her face.
And when a Pug looks sad .... they really look sad!!
Sue xx


  1. We raised sheep years ago - loved the lambs - but really learned to appreciate the term "dumb as sheep"!

  2. Oh poor Suky - just look at her little face!

  3. Sucky looks so adorable even with that sad look on her face.

  4. aww poor Suky; you'll have to get her a woolly toy sheep

  5. I think we see so much more of the seasons when living in the country, really enjoy reading about your day to day. Suky really can do a sad face, so cute! Have a lovely Christmas. x

  6. For Suky's sake, you'll have to have some of your own..

  7. Ah poor Suky! No doubt she'll find something else to occupy herself with! x


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