Saturday 9 November 2013

Fuel for the Workers

It's still very much the case of using things up here, everything from the toiletries to the food, hopefully lessening the things we need to transport to the new house.  One way of doing this is to turn the ingredients we have into ready made food for our journeys and to feed us on our long days of decorating.

Taking basic ingredients and making tasty treats ....

... that keep us going and stop the hunger pangs that so much physical labour brings.

Stodgy foods seem the order of the day with quiches, pasties and the like being our favourites.

That they can be eaten hot or cold only adds to their appeal.
This stream of pictures show how I make my pasties. 
Mostly I make my own pastry from scratch, well me and Mr Kenwood that is, but sometimes I cheat and use shop bought ready rolled pastry, this was on offer at just £1 a pack and when your time poor it's a real help, so how could I say no.  So that was six salmon, spring onion, feta cheese, onion marmalade and mashed potato pasties for a total cost of around £3.50, that's less than 60p each.

Lovely and tasty straight from the oven but I was strong and resisted the urge to sample the goods.

I wasn't quite so strong though when it came to the chocolate chip cookies, made from an Approved Foods mix I bought recently.   Very tasty I thought the first time I sampled one, even more tasty the second time as I munched and pondered, and later half way through our 250 mile journey sat in the services with a Skinny Latte they were even better, especially when we sat and watched as folk bought themselves three course 'meals' from C*sta Coffee, HOW MUCH!!

I was super strong and resisted sampling the bread too, although it didn't last long once we got there, a quick snack with homemade jam before bed after the journey and then toasted and dripping with butter the next morning. 
The decorating may be nearly finished, but soon I think it will be time to start to plan the diets :-)
Sue xx


  1. You need the fuel & lovely it looks too !

  2. Looks fabulous. I wonder if you could share your recipe for the veggie pasties please Sue? I need to go back a couple of posts, as I've been busy crocheting and trying to turn a heel on a sock after a long absence of sock knitting, so not caught up with peoples posts.

  3. We have found that we are much hungrier in our new more active lifestyle....I even eat breakfast now ! (not really done this since childhood :( )

  4. Mmm, it all looks so delicious!

  5. Oooooh I am now very hungry. You've got some busy days ahead of you and it makes sense to cook ahead. How are you stocked with paper plates and such? We ate off them for a couple of days before and after our move.

  6. very enjoyable to see the photos and think I will have a try with some of this - so love your bread making mine is still a work in progress

  7. Is't it satisfying making such scrumptious pasties, quiche, biscuits, bread etc and then watching other folk wasting money on "carp". It all looks really good and just what you need to keep you going. Must be costing you a fortune in fuel going backwards and forwards though. When is your actual moving in date?

  8. There is nothing like homemade is there? Tastes better and saves the pennies too.

  9. Those pastry goodies look very yummy, I was wondering what biscuits to bake today, now I know, chocolate chip cookies!

  10. Mmm, all looks and sounds delicious. It is still all very exciting I think. I hope you have a lovely weekend Sue.

  11. C*sta Lot is the word you are looking for!
    Looks like you made a good tasty picnic. 250 miles is the same distance to our beach cottage - you see how mad we are - but it will be our retirement home when it is done - just taken a few years longer than yours!

  12. You've been busy! You've inspired me to make pasties again. It's been so long since i made any and they are so good. Definitely on my list for this week.

  13. I think it is amazing how you are still living frugally, eating well and making homemade despite all the extra work you are doing at the moment. The food looks delicious and I am very inspired!

    Stacey from MFJ xx


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