Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Backwards, Forwards and Welsh Weather

It's not just us that have been going backwards and forwards between houses, of course there are the dogs as well but also the wrapping and boxes.  Over and over we are wrapping things in the same wads of tissues and pieces of bubble wrap and placing them in the same plastic and cardboards boxes.

Of course the plastic boxes are standing up well, they are brilliant as they keep everything safe and dry as well as stacked neatly together.  Our truck is known to leak slightly around the joins where the hard top meets the back and if we park it facing the wrong way on our little slanting driveway a neat little puddle forms in the back and in all the grooves on the floor.  So we know now to face it up the hill to drain away any incoming rain. 
Even if when we arrive there seems to be no sign of rain we have now learnt that this doesn't mean there won't be any, even in the next ten minutes.  The valley seems to have quick bursts of weather in no set pattern and the only way to see what the weather is about to do is to actually look out of the window.  If you can see the hills, it's not raining, but it might be any time soon, if you can't see the hills it's raining now .  If you can't see the hills or the road but can hear what sounds like a hundred hobnail boot shod albatrosses tap dancing on the conservatory roof ... it's raining very hard.  But don't despair .... in a few minutes the sun will be back out as the clouds pass over and for a brief spell it looks as though there never was a deluge from heaven ... whatever you do don't get cocky and think it's worth hanging washing out in the lovely sunshine ..... the rain will be back before you have time to even find the pegs!!
The cardboard boxes don't do well against the wet so we are careful where we place them in the truck, no lower levels for them.   We have found that the Approved Foods boxes are brilliant, the small inner ones for books and all heavy things and the larger outer boxes for bigger, bulkier but lighter things.  And of course they all stack neatly inside one another once the contents have been unpacked at the other end ready for the return journey.
And as the boxes fill and empty ....

... the cupboards are getting sparser and sparser ... and we're loving it.
So much so that we have decided on a really good sort out to jettison even more of our belongings, and of course the boxes will come in useful again to store everything that will go to our one and only car boot sale of next year.
Sue xx


  1. Well done you for moving so much yourselves. Hard work, but so very worth it I think. You must have such a sense of accomplishment. Hope you have a good week.

  2. It must be difficult knowing what to take and what to leave behind for use at the old place

  3. I love empty cupboards just as much as a well stocked one - it is just getting the right balance and only keeping exactly what you use. Well done to you both with your very streamlined move!

  4. Ah yes, Welsh weather has a lot of parallels with Hebridean weather too!

  5. my beloved Mr.Pickup leaks around the edges too and it all sits in the plastic base liner. He doesn't mean to leak so I always forgive him (albeit sometimes through gritted teeth) and now I always put a low pallet in the back before piling in the crates.
    Good luck with all your upheaval xx

  6. Moving things is a pain, have to keep the right balance indeed

  7. You are going to be a local in no time! You've already worked out the weather!! I really missed those hills when I left home (but not the rain!).

  8. How much longer before you move that final time? bet you can't wait to be in one place, permenantly :)

  9. Just wanted to say that I always look forward to your posts, Sue & love them.
    Am in total envy of your moving organisational skills and you inspire me to do better in my quest to 'do up' my home!!

  10. I helped a friend move last year; it seemed as soon as I filled one box - I was emptying it in her new house !

  11. Its the rain that makes Wales so green and lush :-) I love it there, we have had so many holidays in and around Llanystumdwy (where Lloyd George lived and is laid to rest). I have picked a house for if we ever win the Lottery lol

    Your packing up is coming on a treat, not long now before the final move. I can just imagine you both cracking open a bottle of bubbly and toasting each other with "We finally made it, our forever home" and no looking back.

    Take care. Karen xx

  12. I lived in Wales for many years and there are only 3 types of weather.... it's raining, it's about to rain or it has just stopped raining :-)

  13. Sometimes the only way to have a sort out is to move house!


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