Thursday, 25 July 2013

Our New Juicing Journey

Well I decided I would be brave and let you all in on my up to now private Blog, Our New Juicing Journey.
I only started it this week with the intention of it being a personal record of how we get on, but even typing out a Blog for myself I tended to talk as though other folk were reading so I thought what the heck if a few of you were interested why not let you have a peek.
This LINK will take you to the first days entry and then you can have a read through, there is also a Blog Link at the very top of the sidebar on this Blog that will remain in place for a while.
I hope you find it interesting, and I hope now I've gone 'public' that we can indeed stick to our new way of eating and show some seriously good results.
Have a good weekend folks,  we're really looking forward to ours, tomorrow we're off to Manchester and then on to Wales on Saturday to have a good look round and a measure up of our hopefully soon to be home.
Sue xx


  1. How exciting, visiting your soon to be home. Have a good trip.

  2. Have fun this weekend!

  3. Great post. I loved how I felt afterwards and now juicing is a regular thing for me several days a week. I really just need to make the time for it! Thank you this was such a great post! omega vrt350hd juicer review


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