Tuesday 16 April 2013

Goose Eggs, Chickens, and a Challenge for YOU (it's a sort of Giveaway)

The first time I ate a goose egg, scrambled I think it was, I felt really rough afterwards, my lovely Mum said at the time 'do you think you might be allergic to them', I in my infinite wisdom pooh, pooh'd the idea.  After all I eat hens eggs til they come out of my ears, so how could I be allergic to goose eggs I thought.
The above picture is Lovely Hubby's breakfast cooking on Sunday morning,  yes those goose eggs are big ...
... look how they fill his big dinner plate (he did admit to being absolutely stuffed afterwards and didn't eat anything until tea time that day, after all one goose egg is equal to THREE hens eggs.  While his was cooking he scrambled me a single goose egg, (I was going to share mine with the dogs, I knew I couldn't eat a whole one).
Just a couple of  forkfuls in I started to feel really rough, I stopped and the dogs got a much larger portion than they had hoped for.  Thank goodness I did stop because I felt really poorly for a couple of hours afterwards.  I walked the paddock with the dogs, round and round, such was my need for some fresh air and my desperation to get rid of this awful yucky feeling. 
 I had woken up so bright and bushy tailed and was dismayed to suddenly be feeling soooooo bad :-(
Later that morning we moved Chicken World further along the paddock so the birds, especially the geese had fresh grass to run on and eat.  After being out and about for a few hours I made myself have a piece of toast and then I started to feel better.
So now I think I can safely say although I may not be 'allergic' to them I am most definitely intolerant of them and no more goose eggs will be passing these lips.

Luckily for me though on Sunday we nipped out and picked up three of these lovely birds to add to our collection for this year. so there will be more hens eggs.  This picture isn't mine it's from Google Images, our new birds are shy at the moment and we have them in the Eglu inside Chicken World while they get used to the place and the other chickens and while the other chickens get used to them, so I can't get a good picture. 
They are called Skylines and are a Legbar hybrid.  They are supposed to lay eggs of blue or green, but because they are a hybrid (a mix of two different breeds of chicken) we won't know which until they start laying,  there is also a chance that the eggs could come out white or cream so we will see, whichever of these colour will be fine for us as at the moment our girls are laying pale and dark brown eggs.
So this week's task is to think up some names for these girls.  They are unusual in that they have extra feathers on their heads that look like a little feathery wig, two of them are pretty identical in looks, with almost Welsummer colouring and the other one is larger and more standard brown in colour, but all are wearing a feathery wig!!
So now we have a very unusual competition for all my Followers. 
Leave a comment saying what you would call these new girls and the three commenters that say the names I decide on will win a Goose Egg, (well somebody has to help LH eat all these lovely eggs).  Just pick one hens name each and it will give three of you a chance to win. (They are all girls.)
I am very sorry but this can only be open to UK residents as we have to get the eggs to their new homes pretty quickly and they have to be able to stand up to the Royal Mail postal system :-)
I'll pick the names from the comments tomorrow night and post the winners names on Thursday morning, if you can get back to me as quickly as possible the eggs will be straight in the post, possibly in time for your breakfast this weekend.
Good luck, it's time to get your thinking caps on.
Sue xx


  1. Rag

    Anyone aged around 55+ will remember these from Watch with mother

  2. Yummm, those goose eggs look good. Damn, I'm in the wrong country. :)

  3. Hi Sue

    The 2 that look identical - Charlotte and Sophie. They are my 9 year old twin daughters names!!!


  4. Could it be something which the geese eat which doesn't agree with you? Do they eat different things to chickens? Part of my latest post is about duck eggs, I've only ever eaten eggs from chickens before but bought some duck eggs to try at the weekend. I would call one of the hens Dolly.

    1. The geese eat exactly the same as the chickens, just a lot more grass and weeds. Someone where Lovely Hubby works is intolerent of duck eggs but can eat hens eggs, so I'm not the only funny one.

      Dolly is a good name, we are looking for names that we have not used before, I never repeat a chickens name as they are all individuals and I remember every one, so that is a good contender.


  5. Course I can't win. But would love to add name. Also curious as to having you describe the taste of a goose egg? Due to the color of the eggs I suggest naming one of the chickens Mrs .Azure :) or Bonnie Blue just because I like a Bonnie chicken lol

    1. They taste exactly the same as a hens eggs, the only difference is the size of them and the fact that they do whisk up a bit fluffier.

  6. Because of the feathery 'wigs'..Carmen,Miranda,Phyllis.
    Any eggs used to make me vomit,now I'm vegan even the smell has me running away.
    Jane x

    1. I could be turned away from eggs really easily at the moment, it's hard to describe how ill I felt so quickly after just a couple of forkfuls.

      I had some ordinary scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and ended up throwing half of them away too.

      I don't drink milk, I'm being turned off eggs, I'm only butter away from being a vegan (I know you can get some brilliant vegan 'cheeses' so that wouldn't worry me).

  7. Millie, Mollie and Mandy, I have not had a goose egg in years. Have you tried Turkey eggs, they are very big but have a much more delicate flavour, wonderful to eat and just the thing for cake making.

  8. Here's a link to a thread where folks can eat hen eggs, but not goose. It may be you have an intolerance to the extra sulpha in goose eggs.

    Glad hubby is enjoying the goose eggs. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your hen eggs. :-D

    1. Thanks for the link - very interesting :-)

  9. How about

    I have never tried a goose egg plenty of hens eggs my favorite:-)

  10. Hi ..how about these names
    i love the new chickens..we are going to expand our little brood soon..i always wanted a white chicken lol..

  11. Lovely new chickens, very jealous as I want some & truly can't see me getting any till next year. Never mind I shall donate the names I have in mind for the 3 I will have one day - Maggie, Edie & Myrtle.

  12. I have always fancied calling chickens after chocolate

    bournville, cadbury, truffle, caramac etc

    or after teas

    ceylon etc :)

    we have a friend that has a similair reaction to duck eggs(and meat)

  13. How about Hetty, Betty and Letty, (short for Letitia)?

  14. Oh, how funny, three of my first hens were Hettie, Bettie and Dottie, not Letty. As they are, what Skylines (never heard of that breed), how about PanAm, Lufthansa and Quantas? - Panny, Lufty and Quanty for short!
    I sympathise over the goose eggs, as I have eaten duck (not eggs) but twice and both time I have been violently ill afterwards! I'm at www.countryidyll.co.uk by the way, but your comment thingey won't let me put that. Oer.

    1. Hi, Lynda, you don't need to add your Blog address, clever Blogger automatically turns your name into a link. Click on your name (next to the date of your comment) and it links directly to the commenters details if they have a Blog.

      That's how I find some of my favourite Blogs to read.

  15. Hi Sue,
    How about Hinge & Bracket & Mrs Slocombe or Dame Edna


  16. How about

    AMY: LUCY: IDA after Your Dad's Mum and two of his aunties .

    p.s. I do not want to be entered love MUM XXXX

  17. Ethel, Ada and Elsie, they look like 1920s hens. I am also allergic to gooseeggs, much poo pooh by my family however I ate a piece of cake made with duck eggs (my Mum was so convinced it was in my mind she didn't tell me because hens eggs cause me no problems) I was spectacularly ill.

  18. How about Bluebell,Snowdrop and Jasmine
    p.s,don't enter me as I have plenty of eggs thanks.

  19. Sue
    I hate goose eggs. They are far too rich for me
    I love the look of them though....robust and hard like concrete

  20. As for the names


    1. Good names, am I sensing a film star theme here :-)

  21. Emily (I don't know why - but the photo looks like an Emily to me...)
    Or how about:
    Chorus Girl
    Tina Turner (because she has great legs)

    We have new chickens ourselves -- 7 Black Australorp and 3 Rhode Island Red 'improved' chicks. It's been tough, keeping them warm in these Colorado snow and windstorms lately. (Yes, I realize I won't get a goose egg. Sigh...)

  22. The eggs wont make it to Canada but for the names as soon as you said wigs I thought of Cher, Tina and Nicki.

  23. Hair do's ? Toyah, Zandra ( Rhodes ) and Sinead ( no hair ! )

    Friends made us duck egg & bacon butties once & I felt awful afterwards - so rich- so please count me out of winning a goose eggg !

    1. Brilliant names Penny :-)

      I'm finding out from all different sources that I would be very unwise to even try a duck egg, so you are sensible to say no to goose eggs.

  24. Good luck to everyone. My mind has gone completely blank but I've enjoyed reading everyone else's idea.

    Sft x


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