Saturday, 30 August 2014

Suky Has a Question ......

Suky has a question ... just one question for you ...
" Does my Bum look big in this? "

Just in case you said yes!!
Sue xx


  1. Our dog seriously dieting as now put on a kilo while we were "watching " what he ate. now 7kilos too much.

  2. Sorry....but the expression on puppy's face really made me laugh out loud! Aaaah, bless.

  3. My bichons are in diets, they are a greedy barrel like breed who are bins on legs - I'm now weighing their food. Maltese was born skinny and barely eats

  4. My dog is called piglet by some. Winter padding just setting in a bit early, eh Suky. x

  5. It's a constant battle Suky - it's in the genes xx

  6. Hilarious! She's been around women too long!

  7. Lovely puppy! But good round bums are lovely to pat!


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