Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Front Bed

 I did a post the other day about the edibles that I've managed to grow near the house this year, so I thought for posterity I would just show the front flowerbed and how that's coming on.
It seems to have been planned out with a very pink and purple colour scheme and most of the plants that are still coming through are following this trend.  Quite coincidentally the things I've added, apart from the daisies, have all followed this pattern.
I love lavenders and am slowly building up my collection again after leaving ALL my plants behind at our rented place, we simply couldn't fit everything in the truck or trailers in our many journeys to Wales.  I just buy the odd one when I spy a good variety at the garden centre.  I will always, always, always make room for a Lavender or Rosemary plant :-)
There's a lot of the plants that I don't know the name of .... and do you know, that doesn't bother me in the slightest.  If it looks pretty, is useful for the bees and more or less looks after itself it's very welcome in my garden whatever it's called.

Of course lurking further along the bed is the bit we never got round to weeding and mulching, as it is currently awash with a giant lavender plant that the bees love I am not disturbing it at the moment .... well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Sue xx


  1. Very eye catching, I like the different plant heights and structure, a good all round border. Its stranege how plant colours work out in our other house it seemed to work all the lemon and yellow flowers seemed to flower at the same time and the pinks and purples not done intentional.

  2. A lovely splash of colour x

  3. Looks fab. I spy some Ladies Mantle there ( second picture the small bush second from the right), it looks gorgeous when the dew sits on the leaves, but is VERY invasive - I have spent the last 4 years trying to get all of it out of my garden and lawn, might be one to keep an eye on. The colour scheme is lovely, intentional or not, well done.

  4. Your garden looks beautiful, I too love lavender and rosemary and always have them in my garden

  5. Your borders look truly beautiful. I absolutely love lavender, so much so that all my friends know and Christmas and birthdays finds me unwrapping many a lavender scented gift!

  6. It does look lovely Sue! My kinda colours too. As for the Ladys' Mantle plant, the secret is to cut off the flowers once they go over as the most common way for this plant to propagate itself is by freely seeding - everywhere! But, I love it and let it grow where it wants apart from the paving as it can make it very slippery when wet.

  7. Your garden looks lovely, Sue!I I love lavender too.

  8. What's the saying about lavender? lavender at the gate for luck? I'm sure someone will know. Lovely bed Sue and I'm sure you have some happy bees

  9. Looking very good Sue. When you inherit plants it's often difficult to identify them. I would keep the labels of the things you buy though, then if you want to prune or propagate them you can research on the internet to find the best way to do it.


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