Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I'm managing brilliantly to keep away from supermarkets but it seems I can't keep away from temptation.  As I was paying for my milk, (I've reduced it to two 2 pint bottles twice a week thus keeping our milk bill under a fiver) I was tempted by the card rack.   They have some beautiful new cards on it and before I knew what I was doing I bought this little beauty.

I also got an Approved Food order delivered yesterday so that's another £32.33 out of this weeks housekeeping. Lots of lovely bargains that we actually did need, including a large bag of 440 teabags that should keep Lovely Hubby in tea for the rest of this year for just £2.99 and 8 packs of Naan breads for just £1 (less than 13p a pack) to go with our currys, they are now safely in the freezer ready to be pulled out each time we have a curry.......

.... and as I have a huge jar of curry paste I think we will be having lots in the near future (I have Tikka Masala but this is all they have left if you want to nip over and grab yourself one).

So my challenge for the rest of this week is not to spend anymore money except on the milk on Friday.  But I must keep looking ahead when I go to get it and not at the card racks!!

One brilliant bonus with getting the order is that I now have more boxes for packing, four small ones, ideal for heavy things and one nice big box.......I feel another day of packing coming on.  At the moment I am working through my wardrobe, having a good sort out and packing away anyclothes I won't need until after the move, so no fancy nights out for me ....... I've packed away the posh frock!!

I must just point out this is NOT a sponsored Blog post or an advert, but just a post about a company I use a lot and really like (and who save me a fortune)!!

Sue xx


  1. Sue. I must ask why anyone would need 440 tea bags for one person!!! Your LH must be floating in the stuff. I presume you have some as well, but surely they will go stale and you will then get really awful tea. I buy us two an 80 pack and even they go a bit stale by the end of their use and we do keep them in an air tight container. What do you do with yours to keep them so long? All your thrifty ideas are ones that my mum and nan seemed to use and are as valid today as they were 'in the old days', if you'll excuse the expression. Ann x

  2. I use them too Sue (Appoved Foods) - great aren't they? My order came yesterday x

  3. I'm waiting for my approved foods order should be here by the end of the week, all sorts of store cupboard ingredients to last me for years

  4. It's a pain packing for a big move. Hate it. The card is lovely no wonder you could not resist temptation :)

  5. The card is so pretty - it would be lovely in a frame. I have 2 postcards of wartime posters which I'm going to frame for my kitchen.

  6. Ann - nope I don't drink tea, it makes me really ill.

    These will last LH for almost a year, they do not usually go stale at all, (believe me he would tell me if they did) I keep them in their original packaging and then in a tin on the worktop as he needs them. He does share with visitors and workmen who come to the farm but other than that drinks it all himself, only 1 or 2 cups a day though so that's why they last.

    Looking on the supermarket comparison sites the cheapest I could find an 80 pack of Typhoo, which you say you drink was on offer at Tesco for £1.86 which makes the bags you get 2.3p each. The ones I have just bought cost 0.6p each, a quarter of what you are paying.

    So even if I chucked half of them away because they went stale I would still be saving money!!

    Well that's the way I look at it.

    Thanks for your comment, it's nice to be made to think about things :-)

    Sue xx

  7. I got a very similair looking order yesterday, couldn't resist all the organic pasta,flour and cereals ........never mind all the crisps !!

    My boxes are going on the bottom of the no dig raised beds in the polytunnel!

  8. There is a decided lack of animals in this post.....just saying.
    Jane xx

  9. Brilliant use of boxes Squirrel Family, I'll be doing the same with mine once we've unpacked them. I've a few raised beds to build to get me started again this year.

    Jane I'll find an animal picture just for you tomorrow.

    Sue xx

  10. we hve the Patak's brand of products here in Canada.


  11. a treat is ALWAYS to be recommended and it could've been far FAR worse than purchases from the card rack!

  12. Afraid my low spenf January is not going too well - not terrible, just don't think I'm going to save as much as I thought. Hey ho. Will keep going. The books listed on Amazon however, have sold really well so that makes me feel better - more space and more money! Thanks for the inspiration Sue.
    P xx

  13. Great offers. I like to stock pile too and those teabags are great.

    Treat yourself to the card, a small thing in the scheme of things.

    The packing is going great, when are you off?

    Sft x


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