Saturday, 22 October 2011

Picking up the pieces/Cheats Crumble Mix

We're picking up the pieces of life on the farm, Lovely Hubby is out 'tinkering' with his tractor (assembling from scratch a front loader actually, but I call it tinkering.... much to his, I have been going through the fridges and seeing what foodstuffs we still have to use up as part of our 'How Low Can You Go' Challenge.

Lurking in the salad drawer of the fridge were some very sad looking pears and apples, all wrinkly and tactile, at first I thought of  just chucking them to the chickens, but they have all the windfalls from the old apple tree to eat and I decided that I would use these wrinkly specimens for us.

Still being quite poorly and not in the mood for much time in the kitchen I decided against a pie so I made up a batch of 'Cheats Crumble Mix'.  Simply lots of scoops of Approved Foods 'Scone Mix' (it was just £1.49 for that HUGE bag), some brown sugar and some mixed oats thrown in for added texture, all mixed together in a tub, which can go in the freezer so I always have crumble mix to hand.

The apples and pears were peeled, refreshed in some cold water and then thinly sliced and layered in my litle enamel baking dish, with crumble mix spooned thickly over the top and then popped in the oven for just 20 minutes, it was a lovely warming pudding last night while we tucked ourselves up in front of the tv with a roaring log fire to keep away the cold October night.  The icecream that melted creamily in the apples really was the 'icing on the cake'.

How are you keeping warm on these suddenly chilly nights.

Sue xx


  1. That sounds like a lovely comforting evening. Good to see you back.
    I like to cuddle up under my lovely natural handspun, crocheted sheepy blanket. With knitting, of course!

  2. Hi sue..that crumble mix sounds delish..have just got the tots this year to try fruit crumbles and pies...will try that mix you much

  3. The weather here too is affecting our palate, lots of hame baking and comfort food here! I too have been following your lead with the how low challenge. Its great fun!

  4. I can taste that crumble and the melted ice cream is delish...but next time could we have custard please!

  5. Your crumble sounds delicious Sue! Great using up.

    Looking forward to reading more about your 'How low can you go' challenge.

    We are keeping warm in front of our multi-fuel burner, burning free wood, eating our own crumble using free windfalls.

    Sft x

  6. Yum ! Lots of soups & hearty casseroles here ! Oh and red wine !

  7. It looks great. Can't get scone mix here though. Never heard of it.

  8. Crumbles must be one of the greatest comfort foods of all time...yummy!
    I also like your idea of sticking the packet labels onto other containers to re-use them for storage, it never actually occurred to me.

  9. Becky, the scone mix is simply flour, sugar and margerine already mixed together, so it's simple to make your own from scratch, this bag was simply too good a bargain to miss at £1.49 for 3.5 kilos, I do usually make my own scone mixes and crumble mixes from bought ingredients.

    Kay it's the lazy girls way of labeling, you simply tip the bag of food into the jar and then snip off the label!! Makes for a colourful larder too. If you use things slowly snip off the best before date too and stick that inside the lid of your jar (just for your own information, I never stick rigidly to them, commonsense is better).

    Sue xx


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