Friday, 8 April 2011

Off to 'the Bad Place'

Near Pond
I'm off to 'the Bad Place' we need milk.............oooh how much will I be tempted to part with?
Far pond
Before I go I am looking at these lovely pictures of our two ponds, taken yesterday. The sun was glistening on the water and making it all look magical and the four pairs of wild ducks that have taken up residence were swimming around causing ripples to radiate and the sunlight to dance hynotically on the water.
Far Pond
It is about 18 feet further away from the house than Near Pond, they are on either side of the track that leads to the barn.
I am in my calm place, my purse is clutched tightly in my hand as I brave the supermarket. Wish me luck
Sue xx


  1. Good luck Sue! I don't think you'll be tempted as it's a good investment.

    Let us all know how you got on.

    sft x

  2. I meant to write unless its a good investment...sorry to confuse.

    sft x

  3. Hi Sue, you have done brilliantly so far, I'm sure you won't be tempted unless you see a good bargain. Beautiful photo's, I love sitting by water, its so calming, unless you need the loo of course lol. Have a lovely day and let us know how you got on.

    Karen x

  4. Hmmmm we have 3 supermarkets - all the co-op! lol!

  5. Good luck Sue!
    I have issued myself with an asbo from any supermarket due to my inability to stick to a list of anysort unless it has chocolate, crisps and general all round bad stuff only on it!

    Sarah x

  6. I think I need something similar Sarah.....I got everything on my list ......and then some!!

    Sue xx


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