Saturday 30 April 2011

Below the Line - Day 1

Well here it is Day One, and here's all my shopping purchased for £4.97 over the course of last week.
I had to do a bit of shopping around and a lot of planning to get this much. Hopefully I'll be able to eat reasonably well. Three decent meals a day and, more importantly for me, three cups of coffee a day. I could have more if I took it black but I prefer it white, so after lots of workings out I found that my milk will last for porridge and coffee every day as long as I have only three cups. The notebook you see behind the food is full of my workings out and meal ideas for when I go blank at meal times.
I got some really good end of day bargains for 10p, and luckily I got my pasta before the price doubled at Asda this week. I would have preferred a sliced loaf but there were only buns available at the end of the day on the 10p rack, these have been frozen and will be brought out one a day so they stay fresh. The only fresh veggies I could afford were 3 small onions and 2 carrots, I was quite disappointed in this as I don't have much home grown produce coming through at the moment to supplement this, just Mixed Leaves and Radishes. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to continue taking my vitamin supplements, if anyone knows I would be grateful for the info. Pricing the home grown veg was fun, checking how many seeds to a packet and working it all out, (I didn't have to count them it's listed on the back!!).

My Food Purchases Milk 1.00 Coffee 47p

Sweeteners x 25 5p

½ block of Baking Butter 25p Rice 1kg 49p Pasta 2 x 500g @ 9p 18p Curry Sauce 2 x 5p 10p Eggs 9 @ 7p (HP) 63p Pasta Sauce 2 @ 7p (HP) 14p Scone Mix 500g 14p Bramble Jam (HP) 14p Lemon Curd 22p Vegetable Stock Cubes 10p Batter Mix 7p Porridge Oats 250g 19p 3 small Onions 12p 2 Carrots 13p Dried Cheese Sprinkle 10p Bread Rolls 10p Olive Oil 10p

Home-grown Produce inc. Salad Leaves, Radishes & Herbs 15p Spices, Salt, Pepper 10p

Where I have half packs or weights of produce it's because the whole item was purchased but the rest is being useud by Lovely Hubby, who is doing a variation of this Challenge. He has £5 for his weeks food but is allowed to use anything from the cupboards or freezers, this way we are continuing our Challenge started at the beginning of the year to work our way through stored food before doing a major shop. Hence there is no sponsorship for him as he is not doing it 'properly'. Five pounds - it's amazing what you can buy.......but will it be enough?
To sponsor me use the link incorporated into the picture at the top of my sidebar. A massive thank you to all those who have sponsored me already. If you do not wish to sponsor me but would like to see 20p added to the fund on your behalf, please add yourself as a 'Follower' of this Blog and I will donate for you.
Thank you.
Sue xx


  1. What's the menu plan for today Sue?

    Sft x

  2. Wow thats a lot of food for a what have you got planned then?


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