Saturday, 1 January 2011

Review of theYear - Part 2

The second half of the year was even busier than the first. July saw us busy harvesting crops as the polytunnels and the raised beds proved very successful and bountiful. We preserved foods for Winter and started making our own bread.
~ It also saw delivery of our new farm work horse, a necessity for getting off the farm when the track turns to a muddy quagmire, and with a very useful rear section big enough to hold animals for short journeys. ~ August saw the fast expansion of the piggy side of things with first Elizabeth Taylor (Liz), arriving, shortly followed by..... ...Monty, the Middle White Boar and then Jack the Large Black boar (who rather quickly sprung into action). ~ September saw us off on our annual pilgrimage to River Cottage to get our farm diary signed by the great man himself. ~ We ate like kings and enjoyed the fruit and veggies growing all around us. ~ October saw the cutest piggies on the farm arriving in the shape of Tinka, Tayla and Gypsey, the Kune Kunes. Rare breed pigs that originate from New Zealand. ~ November was an egg-citing month the the hatching of our very first chicks, Iris, Fern and Pipsqueak and their little brothers and sisters. Our seven Lavender Pekin Bantams chicks. ~ It was also a proud month with the graduating from University of our youngest son Jason, with his Masters degree in Document Analysis. ~ And then we come to December, a truly marvelous end to the year with the birth of our first piglets, four little girls born to Lottie, our Large Black. ~ We had Lovely Hubby baring his chin to the world for the first time in 30 years..... ~ ...and my gift to've all waited a long time to see this one.....I bought a dress!! Yep....he got to see my legs for Christmas and I have promised that, whenever the occasion warrants it, the legs will be on display again. At last, as Barbara in the Good Life would say...." I have a posh frock", and occasionally this tom-boy pig farmer will be a girl!!

Thank you for sticking with this Blog, for calling by and reading about our lives here on the farm, for showing an interest and for participating by leaving your lovely comments over the past year...... you've been very welcome.

And you will continue to be welcome over the coming year as we see things continue to grow from the seeds of this life that we planted two years ago. There will be more babies on the farm in the next day or so as Maud is HUGE and obviously about to have babies at any moment.

So thank you, for reading this, for being there with solutions to problems, for giving moral support and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, family, friends and fellow 'good-lifers' all over the world a Very Happy, Prosperous and Animal Friendly New Year.

Sue and Alan xx


  1. Happy new year Sue, it's been a delight to pop in and see your progress. Lovely dress, but I had to giggle - every photo taken in my mum's house has the vacuum cleaner in the background and it brought back fond memories :-D!
    Jak x

  2. Gosh, A glamour girl on the side....but I feel that any outfit looks better on us country girls if we wear wellies with it!!
    Jane x

  3. Oh by the way, congrats on winning the photo competition!
    Jane x

  4. ha ! Get those legs out girl !!!! ( Great legs ) I wore a skirt all day today- just pulled me boots on for a walk !

    HAPPY NEW YEAR & many occassions to wear your dress !!!!

  5. It is a pleasure to read your blog, I always do it even if I do not comment that much.
    Happy new year to you and to all the inhabitants of your beautiful farm!
    And congrats for the photo contest...I saw your pic on Country Homes and Interiors Facebook I know it was yours!

  6. thanks for your comment - makes blogging worth while xx

  7. Happy New Year Sue and many congratulations on winning the photo contest. Thanks for your blog, it is always very interesting. Ann x

  8. Happy New Year, Sue! Looking forward to more Life In the Country adventures .......

  9. Love your blog and am envious you met the wonderful Hugh,. we had a friend who kept there Kune Kune in there back yard till this last winter when he got to big and messy to stay he thought he was a dog and came in the house to sleep on the couch.

  10. Fantastic! What a great way to start a New Year. Good luck - or rather grab every opportunity and make it work for you - you can't fail with a positive attitude.
    Happy New Year. Fiona X


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