Friday, 14 January 2011

The Cart

I walk past this cart everyday with the dogs, it is parked just beyond our barn, I don't know what sort of farm cart it once was, but it's got a pulley system fitted to it and really heavy duty mechanisms.
It's become a bit of a symbol to me, it has been abandoned by our landlord and is slowly but surely falling to bits. The light of the day and the weather shows it differently each time I pass. It's position by the tree just somehow looks right, although I just know it was most likely simply unhitched from whatever used to pull it and just left there at the end of a working day, like so many abandoned pieces of equipment left lying around our landlords farm.
In Summer it is highlighted with gold and looks appealing, in Winter on these wet, damp, miserable days it looks forlorn and neglected. The two oil cans in front of it are full of weeds, in Summer they are green and lush, and look like they've been planted there, in winter they hang dismally over the side, brown and dry or wet and dripping.
For some reason I have many photos of this cart, it draws me in.
Sue xx


  1. looks like MUCK cart to me. Does it tip? Or did it tip at one time?

    decaying farm implements always look interesting to me. The Dh recons I'm a bit of a Fred Dibnah seeing beauty in old wreckage LOL

  2. We used to play on a cart like that when we wre kids

  3. It looks like it has history and if it could talk it would be interested to hear it's story.

  4. Lovely photos and fine, wistful words. Thanks for sharing.


  5. It is certainly eye catching, I can see why it draws you in. Some lovely photos Sue xxx


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