Thursday, 13 January 2011

Camping in the polytunnel....

The Pekins have taken up residence in the polytunnel and are slowly getting used this 'going to bed' lark.
In the spareroom although it went dark and they cuddled down for the night they didn't have to 'go' anywhere. Now they have to make for the little house part of the Eglu so I can close the door and keep them safe for the night. The first night I had to lift them all individually into the bed, last night I lifted one in, and they all followed and organised themselves quickly on the bars inside.
It seems Pekins (well mine anyway) aren't that keen on straw, except as something to toss around and play with. They much prefer just the woodchippy sawdust bedding and perches to sit on. Whereas when the Welsummers lived in there they would make fancy nests out of the straw and all vie for the comfiest position in the middle of the bed.
The Kune Kunes are currently living in a mud bath, we have been able to buy some large bales of 'spoilt' straw to put on top of the mud to make conditions better for them (us?), but they don't seem to mind one little bit, in fact most days they can be found digging down deep in the mud with their noses, rooting around for well......roots!!

The only thing they're missing at the moment - cuddles.......would you cuddle a pig covered in mud?

~ video

I'm not sure if the above little clip will work, but have a go - and 'Welcome to my messy polytunnel'. Hopefully now I've got company in there I will be inspired to get in and finish the tidying, and even start on the early planting.


Sue xx


  1. Well, I suppose if I were already covered in mud, I would cuddle the KK's!
    The pekins are really pretty. Lottie,(Allotment Lady, blog) has or had a pekin or two, she also had some 'Game' birds, one of which was called 'Scrabble'!
    Your polytunnel doesn't look that bad...

    Have a great day.

    Sandie xx

  2. Oh Sue, those bantams are so sweet :0)
    Love your 'clip' can we have more? :0)

    Have a great day,
    Love Donna x

  3. Anything with animals is a winner with me!
    Jane x
    PS I spied a tin of Quality Street on the side....and you thought your secret stash was...well...secret!!

  4. Haha...the Quality Street tin is full of plant labels. One thing you will never find in the sweetie tins in our house is sweets!! Well not after the first couple of days anyway.

    Last year when we started our recycling campaign Lovely Hubby mentioned at work that we stored things in big tins and large coffee tubs and he was inundated with donations. So now we use as many as we can.

    The only drawback is if you forget to label things carefully, you end up looking through A LOT of tins to find the things you actually want!

    But well spotted Jane and Chris!! Maybe I should keep a tin of sweets out there, LH would never think a Quality Street tin actually had Quality Street sweets in it!

    Sue xx

  5. I am envious of your polytunnel! We have a small greenhouse amongst the hens, but it works for us. My hubby would be in heaven with that much room tho!


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