Saturday, 3 July 2010's hot in here!

So, so hot in the polytunnel, I dive in and out during the day but spend the most time there either in the morning or in the cool of the evening. Yesterday I managed to get lots of tidying done and 40 Celery plants planted into their final beds.
The tomatoes are now almost all in their final resting places, and the melons and aubergines are being done tomorrow after the Car Boot Sale, now I'm off to do some sorting.
Can I just say a HUGE THANK YOU, to all of you who have been taking the time to comment on the posts and send me private emails recently. It's lovely to hear from you, I apologise if I don't always reply to comments or leave comments on your Blogs , but I do visit lots of the Blogs of people that comment and enjoy the conection with you enormously. This is a wonderful medium for meeting and getting to know lots of lovely people.
Have a brilliant weekend wherever you are.
Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue, loving the new look blog.. and totally understand, you cannot get round to everyone to Thank. I do Thank you blogger post everynow and again, or if I leave a message on their blogs.. it is a full time job!!! and you have lots more to do than I have :-) take care and have a brilliant weekend too Anne xx

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for sorting the access thing, which means I can visit your lovely blog(s). Looking very much forward to doing this more. Have just walked back from Henley Regatta and now watering the brown garden. Our allotment is too complicated to get to with the regatta on so watering there one evening nex week. Poor little seedlings. Helen x

  3. I love your blog and am constantly in awe of your achievements. My meager little veggie patch is keeping us well supplied with several varieties of lettuce and I'm rather pleased with myself ! So you should be very proud of youself Sue and Lovely Hubby of course !

  4. Hi Sue -

    I've been very bad about leaving comments recently. It's the heat! I've used up all my energy carrying water around.

    Well done for getting your celery in - mine got frazzled in its pots. Maybe next year.

  5. Looks like you are busy, busy, busy. I'm just about hanging onto my tomatoes, but they are taking a bashing in the sun. My mange tout has definitely not made it this year ... ;0)

    Shirl x


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