Friday, 30 July 2010

Away from Home

It's amazing what you find on other peoples out Mum and Dad there's a Hacker about!! Look at the size of Betty on this photo and as for Maud and Martha, the Middle Whites.....awww, weren't they little cuties!! As for the dark-haired version of comment! We're off to the Thame Agricultural Show tomorrow, if you're in the Oxford area it's well worth a visit, we're taking the new big pick-up, so who knows what we will come home with!! Whatever you're doing, have a lovely weekend. Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue

    How Dare you pinch my picture of you. It makes a good occasion for me personally when you visit. Some girl talk from a younger generation . We love our fellow dancers but they are all ancient like me. So thank you for the tips and ideas that you bring with you.

    love Mum xxxx

  2. Have a great time at the show, and yes be aware you can fit a lorra lorra stuff in those trucks! X

  3. On this picture Betty is still a baby, less then a year old. Her weight at the end was 29 stone 8lbs!!

    Slightly bigger then!!

    Sue xx


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