Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Misleading titles......

A rare sighting of ME........gathering Friday's lunch.
Ooops....sorry about yesterdays title, many of you had visions of Betty on a plate or Molly in a casserole. Nope...the 'Eating our Own' was the fruit and veggies. As much as Lovely Hubby is a carnivore and would eat everything if it stood still long enough (and had a drop of sauce on), when I think of food I think veggies, so it never crossed my mind you would think I was chomping away on Betty.
Don't eat me....I'm sooooo pretty!!
She is for the chop very soon, unfortunately, we are just waiting for her new ear tag to come from the suppliers, she very casually lost hers and without it cannot be moved off the farm, (clever girl!!), but I don't think I could bring myself to eat any of her lovely meat. Even though I know she has had a brilliant life, it would always be Betty, if you know what I mean. The meat will all be for sale or stashed in our freezer for LH's consumption.
However, we have a new edible thing on the farm today, discovered yesterday afternoon...
the first of our our cucumbers....
...then the second...
...and then the third...
...it's a good job we like salad!! # This is a very productive raised bed, it also holds our pumpkins, runner beans, some peas and a smattering of sweetpeas too. I must try to give things a bit more room next year. # Today I'm off to harvest the spinach....it's taking over the poly tunnel! # Sue xx


  1. I have four or five HUGE cabbages ! Any ideas Sue ? as don't feel like steamed cabbage at the mo - too hot ( they aren't the ones you can grate for coleslaw.) A friend suggested shredding & frying in Walnut oil Chinese style.

    I was jumping for joy last night shouting " Baby courgettes I have baby courgettes ! " I'm thrilled with my raised beds.

  2. Hi Sue, lovely photo :-)

    You are doing so well with all you veg, its amazing .. so much tasty things to try each day.

  3. Good grief... Friday's lunch looks BIG!

  4. Hi Sue. Isabella anounced yesterday that she wants to grow cucumbers so that she can make green smiles with them! No idea what they are, but think it would be a good thing for her to grow after the success of her broad beans x

  5. That looks a good cabbage, and the cucumbers too!

  6. Ha ha..as if you'd have eaten Betty....you wouldn't have would you????? lol Sue x


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