Thursday, 3 November 2016

Doggy Back Drops

Some folk have folded fleecy blankets over the back of the sofas at this chilly time of year ... we have dogs  ;-)

They both like to be able to look out of the window when something catches their attention and then they settle down like this, whenever we drive off anywhere there is at least one little face at the window watching us go.

Mavis sometimes hops completely onto the windowsill, she's very catlike and nimble, she stands there like a tail wagging ornament, keeping the metal tractor wine bottle holder company, it looks very funny from the outside. 

But Rosy, well she just stays curled up until a movement makes the cushion fall over, then she makes a cosy bed on the fabric side of the leather cushion and snoozes the day away.

It's not a bad life being a pooch in our house :-)

Sue xx


  1. They look to comfortable on the couch! Love the little tractor on the windowsill

  2. I'd rather have dogs on the back of the settee than fleeces. I love the tractor on the windowsill - and you say it is a wine holder??!! How unique, never seen one before. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

  3. We have fleeces and quilts and our mini schnauzer likes to lay on them and look out the window! It's a dog's life.... xx

  4. Bless them, love seeing your doggies x

  5. Our Jack's love the back of the sofa too, even though there is no window there. How cute

  6. How cute are they! Furry head rests!

  7. Tey have obviously landed on their feet.

  8. I'm so pleased you got little Mavis back. I hope she doesn't remember anything about her ordeal. Love your doggy stories.

    1. I think she does, unfortunately. Certain things trigger a heart breaking reaction in her, and I sometimes catch her staring at me in a very strange way, as though she's thinking things through.

  9. That top photo is quite a beauty in its composition.

  10. Good job Winnie doesn't live at yours!


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