Monday, 24 October 2016

Time to Step Away from the Creosote .....

It's done!!

The workshop is now clad with hardwood on the two sides that get the worst of the weather.

We have two corner strips to go on ... when we buy them ... to protect the joins,  but apart from that my creosote brush has now been abandoned and the clothes I wore while I was doing it have all been added to the bonfire.  I wore my oldest, most torn work jeans and t shirt to do this knowing that I would never be able to get rid of the smell.  Luckily the fleece I had to throw on over the top when the temperatures plummeted has washed up pretty well, and it was only one I wore in the polytunnel anyway.  Another trip through the washing machine and I hopefully will have eradicated the last of the pong!!

The devil is in the detail, and the little strips that Lovely Hubby fitted around three sides of the window have made it all look lovely and neat.

We're both really pleased with it.

One day soon we will have to tackle the inside ..... now there's a job!!

Sue xx


  1. Wow, what a smart job you've both done. You make quite a team. I'm impressed with all your hard work.

  2. That looks amazing! Well done both of you.

  3. It looks gorgeous and well worth all the hard work (and the pong!)

  4. Looks terrific - what hard workers you both are!

  5. If only I was handy enough to do anything like this!

  6. Looks great.....job well done. 😊

  7. It looks brilliant. Truly. A job very well done.

  8. Looks great, very professionally done!

  9. Lovely neat and tidy job. You may be able to hire him out as a handyman, he is very handy.


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