Tuesday, 16 August 2016

That Certain Age

We were walking down the street in Prestatyn the other day when Lovely Hubby was accosted by an elderly lady.

She said "Were you?"  

He looked blank, so did I for a moment, then I remembered that he was wearing this T shirt, and pointed it out to him.

He laughed and said "I was" ... to which she replied "guess how old I am".  Lovely Hubby, not being in the know, gave a very good guess at 85,, so I stepped in quickly with 76 .... "I'm 86" she beamed.

As we walked away I told him that next time an elderly lady, or any lady for that matter, asks you to guess her age guess low.  If she's over a certain age she'll want to boast about how old she really is and if she's below a certain age she'll simply be very flattered at being younger looking.

I wonder though what that certain age is!!

Sue xx

This t shirt and many more equally brilliant ones are available from http://www.shotdeadinthehead.com/

This is NOT a sponsored post, this t shirt was Lovely Hubby's birthday present from me back in January!!



  1. Fab t shirt. Mind if i ask where did he get it?

    1. I've added a link to the website, I'm sure lots of other folk will be wanting to know ;-)

  2. This post made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of a time, quite a few years ago,when we were camping in Cartmel and there was no one else on the camping field. We sat there and thought "bliss" then a chap and his small child drove onto the campsite and put his tent right next to ours. (Bearing in mind there was no one else there) At 5.30 the next morning (Sunday) the child was outside his tent playing football and shouting loudly. Whilst his dad sat in the tent. So I got up and went out to see him and quietly give him a piece of my mind,. They stood stock still and stared at me all the while I was complaining to the father about the noise and time!! Then he said to the boy "come here and apologise to this lady for waking her up" Which the poor child did, staring and staring at me. I turned and went back to the tent. They packed up very quickly and were gone 15/20 minutes later. I woke my OH to tell him (he had slept through it all) He laughed at me and said no wonder they stared look at your tshirt. I looked down and realised I had my "Warning Irritable and grumpy approach with care" and a picture of a cross bear underneath. I laughed about that for ages. They fled in fright. I wonder if they have ever camped again.

  3. PS I was built in 1953 and must have been a very badly made model, as I have suffered with much ill health. My twin has been the opposite!

  4. If only that was true for me. le sigh
    Wonderful shirt and your advice to Hubby is very true.
    Love @Catherine's story.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  5. I've asked the children to tell me off if I get to 80+ and start telling people how old I am!
    And what does YOUR t shirt say ? :-)

    1. I haven't got one, but if I had it would say 'Made in the Sixties, original although slightly tinted ... with ALL parts in perfect working order'.

      He is only one year older than me so you can work it out very easily ;-)

  6. Awesome stuff...I hope to be still playing cricket in my 70s one in a few years time

  7. Love the T shirt and what a great story! I'm going to check out the link now...thanks, Sue.

  8. Ha, ha.....my hubby has exactly the same t shirt from the same place. They have some crackin' t shirts.
    We got one for my son that said...OK you read my t shirt....that's enough social interaction for today. Makes me laugh every time I see him in it-x-

  9. I ran a shop called Granma's Treasures for many years. When I turned sixty we had an 'age guessing' contest - How old is Granma on her birthday. One sweet young thing looked at me a bit and guessed I was 90! As the furthest out she won a bottle of Grandma's Wrinkle Remover spray (for clothing) and she thought it was amazing! since my face had no wrinkles!-)

  10. Ah, very good advice. Isn't it funny how our attitude to our age changes through our years. When we're little we want to be thought of as older, but after mid twenties until probably somewhere around 75 for most people, we want to be thought of as younger. And then as we climb up and up, it seems we are proud of our age. I'm 60yrs old and am proud of my age, I look every bit my age on my face, but am fitter than many half my age. I don't feel the need to "Look younger", am grateful for every day, many people didn't reach this age, and love my natural grey hair. I really hope to reach a ripe old age, but that is in the lap of the Gods. Great post Sue.:)

  11. Very funny post. Being a woman 'of a certain age' myself. I used to fib about my age all the time. I was 38 for several years, then realised it was unrealistic and overnight became 42. Now I'm the dark side of 50, but am concentrating on being slim & healthy, not on wrinkles or grey hair (okay, that does get dyed). Whenever a man has to guess a woman's age or he's weight he should be wildly unrealistic. Otherwise he's entering a whole world of pain. BTW, tell your fella the answer to 'does my bum look big in this?' is always, without fail 'nope'. Said without even looking in that direction.
    Enjoying the blog. Valerie


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