Monday, 4 January 2016

The Right Sort of Presents

We were both really lucky over Christmas and we bought each other and were given simply perfect Christmas presents.

A book and a calendar by Amanda Owen, one of the subjects of Ben Fogles latest series about people living in the wilds of the UK .....

... and two books by Simon Dawson, who along with his wife Debbie were another couple featured on the series.  Books that we will both be reading.

Lovely Hubby treated himself to two wood books with his 'Show and Tell' £50 ...  I don't think I'll be tempted to read these.

Lovely Hubby bought me a lovely pair of boots in the post Christmas sale.  He knew I had been drooling over the black version of these for months, unfortunately they only had the brown ones available now.  But for half the price who was I to argue over colour  ;-)

I bought my make up for the year ahead while we were out shopping for boots ....

... and some knickers ... just as my last couple of pairs bit the dust.

With all of these in the house, along with the toiletries and hand creams that we also received I think we are safe from being tempted to spend where we shouldn't during our minimal spending year ahead.

The right sort of presents, and of course there were a few frivolous stocking fillers ... a blow up bath pillow, Lego and of course far too much chocolate ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Presents you can use are a,ways the best kind! :)

  2. I bought myself the Amanda Owen book after I saw Ben Fogle's programme. At just 1p on Amazon I didn't feel I was pushing the boat out too much. I finished it this morning.

    My husband and I don't spend much on each other at Christmas and it's usually a book or two each from Hay-on-Wye. I like to look at a book before I buy it.

    Those boots look warm.

  3. Lovely gifts. The boots are gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for publicising the books, I didn't know that Amanda Owen had written anything, they all look great !

  5. Oh, but that chocolate is so wonderful! Glad you had a nice Christmas, and we all know you need more books! (Chuckle)

  6. Lovely boots - hope they are water proof!! Thank you for the reminder about the 2nd Simon Dawson book. I read the first years ago and meant to order the 2nd after the programme but forgot. The calendar looks good too.
    I have to ask.......Lego?

  7. Just bought myself some new boots with 2 months of my tiny nursing pension. I keep forgetting I have it!

  8. We have a lovely pile of jig saws which should last us up to Easter!

  9. I saw both the Living in the wild programs with Amanda and her Sheep and Simon and his pig. They were very interesting. Lovely boots.

  10. Love the panto boots
    Very " twelve oclock and no sign of dick!"

  11. You're right, fantastic presents. The books and boots are ace. I saw a docco on Amanda Owen recently and found it very motivating!

  12. A great selection of books! Enjoy wearing your new boots! xx

  13. From Margie in Toronto - books are the best presents - have a whole pile of new ones to work my way through and a Gift card for Indigo for more! Also got a wonderful new puzzle and a colouring book and new pencils to help me relax!
    Had to buy myself some new boots this year but managed to get them at 45% off just before Christmas so all set for winter.

  14. From Margie in Toronto - Sue just tried to comment on your new challenge site but you don't have the "anonymous option" like you do here - would it be possible to change this if you can? I'll be reading that one with great interest and would love to be able to comment now and again. Thank you

    1. Sorry!! I'll go over and change it, thanks for pointing this out. xx

  15. Lovely gifts, books are the best gifts ever and the boots look so warm and cosy.

  16. I have read Pigs in Clover by Simon Dawson and thoroughly enjoyed it - a truly wonderful read. Have been meaning to purchase Sty's the Limit for some time now - thanks for the reminder. You will really enjoy these books. Louise S. Cheshire.

  17. We first came across Amanda on Ade Edmonstons ' The Dales' back in 2009. Never really watched the Ben Fogle programs, but I like the sound of her book. I will have to put that on my wish list.

  18. You'll love the Simon Dawson books, so funny and lovely :)


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