Wednesday, 9 December 2015

That's Not the Way To Do It .....

That's not the way to do it ..... said in a Punch voice from Punch and Judy!!

Taking things into the charity shop the other day I just had to stop for a little browse .... well it would be rude not to wouldn't it!!   In amongst all the bric a brac on the back shelves I spied this gorgeous little vase .  The shop in Llanrwst seems to get some lovely old china donated on a pretty regular basis and I am always tempted but usually I am firm with myself, this time however I caved in, handed over my 99p and the vase was mine.

The backstamp dates it to just after 1900, it's been around along time.  I've added it to the shelf with my Victorian Pug .... which cost me a heck of a lot more earlier this year.

Reverse Advent - Day 9

Another book.  Good reading but not the sort of book I need to read again.

Sue xx


  1. Will you have to donate an extra item to make up for the lovely vase?

  2. What a lovely vase and goes with your green theme nicely. Is it the barnados shop you go in ? Ive been in a few times but never had anything from there to date. It seems to be Llandudno where I strike lucky.

    1. It WAS the Barnados shop, they do seem to get lots of lovely Victorian china, I'm always very tempted.

      It's funny but I'm the opposite to you I have never found anything that I have been tempted to buy from the Llandudno charity shops..... maybe you've always got there before me ;-)

  3. Nice vase, can we see the Victorian Pug please, I am off to the charity shop today with a few bags to donate, I am sure something will come home with me as well.

  4. nice vase love the shape on the top of it

  5. You had me worried there for a minute, I thought you were donating the vase and it's beautiful.

  6. Bargain vase ...well done. Its always worth a browse.

  7. I watch as many antique programmes as I can because there is so little else that really interests me and it is amazing how often people buy something for a song and go on to sell it for quite a lot of money. My philosophy has always been that I only buy something if I like it.

  8. To the antiques roadshow for a thousand pound valuation in a few years, I hope!

  9. Beautiful vase. I could not have left that sitting on the shelf either. Funny that you should take a bundle of de-cluttering stuff to the charity shop on the exact day that I did, yesterday. I also had a browse and came home home with some lovely Christmas gifts, so technically speaking those things are not going into my house.

  10. I remembered to take a bag full of books over to our village community centre, in return for the several books I borrowed from their bookcases during the past few weeks. I go there every Monday to the Art Group and when I cross the corridor to the cafe for a wake-up coffee, I dawdle by the books . . . . However, I feel better now I've donated some. There could be quite a few more!

  11. I dashed into a charity shop yesterday to donate an unused shower curtain, and dashed out again before I could be tempted. And of course, I then immediately found a use for the curtain! When I went to the meeting making reusable sanitary protection for extremely poor girls and women, they need waterproof material for one of the layers. Doh!


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