Monday, 19 October 2015

Not Everything is Picture Perfect .....

Not everything is picture perfect.  

Blog world is full of images of perfect lives, clean animals, lovingly home cooked meals served on tables laid with napkins and matching cutlery.  Manicured gardens and luscious looking healthy vegetables laid out neatly in rows.

My idea of blogging is all about telling and showing life as it happens which means that occasionally I show you two of the pooches snoozing in front of a roaring fire ....

... but I tend not to show you a lazy nights tea, although I might mention it.  

When there's just me at home and I'm sick of washing pots all day after a marathon chutney making session I might choose to eat plain old potato wedges straight out of the baking tin with just a dollop of mayonnaise for garnish, so that the only washing up is a fork and a tin that only needs a swish in hot soapy water, but I wouldn't think for a minute to photograph it.... usually !!

I show you the polytunnel looking all neat and tidy after a weeding and watering session which you all compliment me on ..... and I thank you for that.  I tend not to photograph it for the 'Polytunnel Progress' reports when I've just up-ended a big pot of compost and it's gone everywhere and I find Rosy's latest dead rabbit lying on the floor.

I don't usually photograph the Aga when it's draped with washing ... which it is most days now, we don't have a dryer and these damp days mean that even things that have been out on the line all day need an hour to air and finish off inside.

I haven't show you this covered bed which has remained covered all through the growing season because ... well it just never got planted in .... what a waste!!

You may have seen this lovely weed filled bed in the background of a few shots.  The Butternut Squash plants in the middle section went out too late and came to nothing ... the bed at the right of the photograph is still waiting to be weeded.

What am I saying ..... well really I'm just keeping it real.  

Sometimes it may appear that my life is picture perfect and everything gets done on time, that I whizz through my days like a whirlwind of productivity, that I sit down to home cooked, home grown, home preserved foods every night in a beautifully clean house with the dogs lined up in rapt attention waiting for an organic dog chew to be forthcoming  but these pictures today show the reality that I don't always show on the blog but do try to talk about.

Sometimes in life we have to read the words, read between the lines and not just look at the pretty pictures.

Here's how part of my kitchen looks today, shelves empty ready for the electric work, part of which is through the hatch you can see on the ceiling, on the solar power system that is currently being installed.  They could be empty for some time, we've just found out that out electricity meter is in an unacceptable and potentially dangerous position and the whole lot is going to have to be moved to a safer location before the work is completed ....  to quote a Blogging Buddy ... 'Hey Ho'.

Sue xx


  1. Good post Sue your are so right, my life isn't as perfect as would seem, I have just posted a depressing post about my strained relationship with my mother, none of us have perfect lives I suppose, x

  2. My illusions have been shattered! Just kidding. It's good to keep it real but it's no different to having a quick tidy up before visitors call round. X

    1. Oh gawd .... this is where I am SO bad. I never notice mess until AFTER visitors have gone and I see it through fresh eyes, then I frantically tidy up. So they go away thinking what a messy so and so Sue is .... and I'm left at home in my newly hoovered and tidy house!!

    2. I need visitors on a regular basis, as it's the only time I put any effort into tidying up!

  3. A few things....I am liking the new header, I still totally love the polyshed and nothing warms my heart more than spying a couple of dogs cosy in front of the fire! No, everything is not perfect here either but I do like giving the illusion that it is!!
    Cath from Cath@Home

  4. Always something going on at your blog site, Sue. I do love pictures of your polytunnel!

  5. Well said. Working the land on a large or small scale can be hard work. Things don't happen overnight and your blog has recorded all of that. Good luck with the electrics it can bee a lengthy process.

  6. I used to care A LOT about what people thought of ny house. A serious illness taught me not to. Thankfully I am now back at work and PG study but I still think people ahould be happy to see me and not care about a bit of dust. So long as my kitchen, bed and bathroom are clean I can live with it!

  7. Haha ! So disappointed, Sue, that your place isn't ALL perfect ALL the time. So unlike mine (wink wink)
    We should start a competition among the bloggers : pictures of the untidiest place in and around our homes.I bet I'll win hands down. xxx...x

  8. Life gets messy...and perfection never happens...Good luck with your electrical and I like your new header, too.

  9. Oh Heck - electrical work - could take a while as you say and bound to make a mess in your perfect home!

  10. I show my mistakes and my weeds! Hope you get the electrical work sorted soon - that sort of thing is never fun. Our experience of doing up an old house (goes back to pre 1500s in parts) is that one "quick" job is never that and generally uncovers several others which need doing - just like your leccy meter!

  11. I love eating ferally out of tins and stuff!

  12. dirty dishes are waiting in my kitchen while I real Blogs x

  13. May I say that I love the green wall - it looks very similar to the "Citrine" I painted my table legs in. And your shelves too! Now I really must go and clean the bathroom...

  14. My very small house never looks tidy, especially with two terriers who use it as their own private assault course but its a clean and comfortable Home, unlike my MIL's which is so much like a show home, I can never relax there.

  15. My very small house never looks tidy, especially with two terriers who use it as their own private assault course but its a clean and comfortable Home, unlike my MIL's which is so much like a show home, I can never relax there.


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