Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scotch Eggs and Plants .... and No Underpants in Sight

We took a ride out to Trelawnyd yesterday, dropping off emergency supplies to Blogging Buddy John Gray, nothing to do with our shared love of poultry or dogs ....

... just some much needed nourishment in the form of Scotch Eggs.  

John's are the ones wrapped in clingfilm ready to be popped into the little cool bag that I left dangling on his door knob,  (I could have made that sound soooo much ruder .... but I didn't, why compete with the master!!)   Lovely Hubby's are the other three little ones, he sampled one straight out of the oven to 'check' they were alright, mine are the big ones made with vegetarian sausages which made them much bigger, which was very handy for identification purposes.

Knowing that John was on night shifts this weekend we timed the visit so as not to wake him unnecessarily, and so that if we did it would be around waking up time anyway.  It worked, as we pulled up Albert was sat on the window side of  the closed curtains upstairs watching us intently and the house was drowsily silent, the sounds of geese and chickens chunnering over the wall was the only noise to be heard.  We left the emergency supplies and quietly drove off.

We had decided to head for the garden centre that John had mentioned in an earlier post just outside the village, the plan was to have a coffee and a browse but we missed the cafe as it was obviously a bit late in the afternoon, so what was a girl to do?   Extra browsing of course, which resulted in three gorgeous plants for the new flower bed that we will have once the front wall has been completed.  We have decided on a white theme and so to start it off we purchased two Hydrangeas and the beautiful Cosmos on the right of the picture.

Image result for three plates for breadcrumbing
Picture courtesy of Google Images.

Oh and the recipe for Scotch Eggs which I have been inundated with requests for ... it's very simple.

Lightly hard boil your eggs.  (I used Pekin Bantam eggs, which explains the diminutive size of the finished article, and which kept the overall calories down for John).  Once cooked and cooled slightly peel the shell off.

Take some sausage meat, or do as I did and skin some sausages, I guess a full sized egg would need the meat from two sausages, mine took one and a half. Flatten out the sausage meat into a disc shape and wrap it around the egg.

Roll the now covered egg in seasoned flour (salt, pepper and some dried herbs stirred  into 2 tbs flour).

Roll this in some beaten egg and then roll in breadcrumbs.

You can then deep fry them, or do as I did and pop them into the oven for around 30 minutes, turning over at the halfway point.  

You can eat them hot straight out of the oven or allow them to cool and have them whenever you fancy a healthy and tasty snack .... or alternatively deliver them to a very appreciative, half asleep shift worker who will sit in his garden and eat them in his underpants.

Sue xx


  1. I will have to try making these. Thanks for being so kind to our friend John.

  2. Sue, I had heard of Scotch eggs, but had no idea what they were all about. I might really like them, especially with sausage.

  3. Scotch eggs were a mystery to me, except as some food John loved. I found them on the menu at a bistro in Indianapolis, Indiana. They're now an annual treat, when I visit. I avoid looking for them elsewhere; I could become as fond of them as is John.

  4. Well i wasnt that indecent i did have my t shirt and socks on too!
    Many many thanks x

    1. Yeah right .... do we believe you ;-)

  5. How surprised to read your post right after reading John's! and saying to myself: 2 of my bloggers know each other! How delightful. Love your posts and look forward to seeing your sweet pets.

  6. How very thoughtful of you Sue and Mister, to refuel our mutual bloggy friend with your culinary delights.
    I'm picturing the entire incident, devouring Scotch Eggs in his underpants, what next !

  7. I think this too will be on the menu this week. It's ages since we have had Scotch Eggs.

  8. I think you made John's day and hopefully everything is right with the world for him!! I haven't had Scotch eggs for years. My mum used to make them when we were kids. I went to a British butchers here and they had them for $5.00 each - 2.62 in pounds! I thought that was a bit much. I think I'll have to give your recipe a try. I didn't now you could do them in the oven.

  9. the flowers will be beautiful along the wall!
    the eggs sound very good too!

  10. Thank you for your recipe Sue. I think I will be making these in the near future!

  11. How thoughtful and nice of you!! And between you and John, I so want to try a Scotch egg!

  12. How do you get the sausage to not split? I have tried all the tricks that I have read on various blogs and even went to sites online that have recipes. It always splits on me. I think Scotch eggs don't like to be made in Wisconsin. ;) Any advice would be welcome.

    1. I used sausages, which I skinned and with wettish hands made the sausage meat into a disc shaped (sort of oval like the egg that I was wrapping) that was much larger than the egg. Then I simply folded it around the egg and carried on moulding it until it was completely covered and all stuck together and even. (Totally YUCK for me I HATE handling meat!!)

      Don't worry about perfection, just do the best you can, a homemade Scotch Egg is so tasty folk will forgive little imperfections. I hope you can master it, it's well worth the effort .... ask John :-)

  13. Oh yesss! Recipe for Scotch Eggs duly copied and will be made ready for the next visit of the grandchildren; I think I might need rather more than half-a-dozen! Those kids can eat!


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