Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Sunday Stroll

We woke up to find a thick layer of snow coating the hills opposite our house this morning, but the sky was lovely and clear and the early morning sunshine just beckoned us outside.  We donned our coats, thawed out the truck and piled the dogs in the back.

Twenty minutes later we were on the prom in Llandudno where unusually they had the same weather as us and the sun was shining .....

... so much so it highlighted that Lovely Hubby still had his slippers on!!

Luckily they are his new and pretty substantial Hotter slippers, but still not the optimal footwear for a walk along a wet, frosty prom any day of the week.

Soon we noticed the sky darkening and a lovely rainbow fading gracefully into the sea.

Which was soon joined by a bright strong rainbow, that went from out at sea over to the front of the houses that sit behind our favourite place to eat out in Llandudno ... Osbournes.  As we stood admiring (and photographing) the rainbow the rain started falling, big fat blobs of ice cold rain.

Time to turn tail and head back the full length of the prom .... especially if you're still wearing your slippers.  I see jokes, many many jokes about this, I've got ammunition for years to come  :-)

Footnote (haha) :  The slippers survived and although a little muddy, kept his feet dry and the Hotter brand's reputation more than intact!!

Sue xx


  1. Oh, those photos made my day! That pretty rainbow over the Orme. A very special place in my heart. We always stay in a flat near the Grand called Belle Vue. Here's a secret: I met the Beatles in the Grand Hotel in 1963. Truth!

    1. I met Les Dawson in a hotel in Lytham St Annes when I was a teenager. We were there on holiday. He had just popped in for a drink. He told me I was beautiful! I was wearing a terrible ra ra skirt. I'm not tall but he was tiny compared with me. You just reminded me about meeting him. Did you know the Beatles were going to be there or was it a complete surprise?

    2. We were there from California visiting my grandmother. The Beatles were in town, playing the Palladium for a week. They were friends of my uncle's from Liverpool, so he took me round to meet them. It was actually my fourth birthday, so they came back to my grandmother's house for my party. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it happened.

  2. My OH bought some shoes in the sale at Hotter a year ago and had been wearing them outside for a good 6 months before he was told in a different Hotter shop that they are actually slippers! He says they are the most comfortable footwear he It must be a man thing ;-)

  3. I once went to work in my slippers, had to come all the way back to change into my duty shoes.........only did it the once! (They were Hotter suede and sheepskin slippers too) Just goes to show how comfortable and cosy they are and durable!

  4. We changed our minds about going to the beach this weekend because it's freezing cold, gales, blizzards and very icy underfoot. However, we did go out with the dogs to a National Trust gardens where some kids had built a snowman. One of our dogs kept running up to it with her hackles up!! Lovely photos. I wear Merrell suede slip ons as slippers; expensive but very comfortable, last for years and are great for wearing outside to hang out the washing etc x

  5. We stayed at the Not do Grand, a couple of years ago and had a great weekend, nice to see your photo's and remember our weekend. Rain is so cold this time of year.

  6. I think we had the end of that rainbow at Mona.

    Vicky x

  7. Your post made me giggle, we may bump into each other one day. Llandudno is one of my very favourite places,

  8. Definitely the sort of day when you need Hot(ter) shoes :-)
    Great pictures Sue.

  9. I love a walk on a cold wet day. Blows the cobwebs away. Enjoy!

  10. Stunning pictures of the rainbow Sue. Love the slipper escapade and glad they are made of strong stuff!

  11. I know and love Llandudno, whatever the weather, so many happy memories. Hee hee re: the slippers incident, sounds like something I would do!


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