Monday, 13 October 2014

Stoptober Update

I put ten pounds into my purse on the first day of Stoptober and managed to spend none of it, so come last Wednesday when I added another crisp ten pound note I had a total of twenty pounds.  However, I couldn't go another week without spending anything and I had to shop for the above, well I didn't have to have the Kiwis, but they were such good value I couldn't resist.

I went out armed with the first ten pound note and a 70p off voucher.  Which came in really handy as it meant all the above came to just eight pounds exactly.  (Don't you always think it's weird when that happens ... or is it just me?)

Well that left enough for a bottle of milk at just £1 the next day, so Lovely Hubby could have milk in his tea and on his cereal, and if the truth be known he's a bit of a swigger from the bottle.  Which is no problem really as I don't have milk in anything now,  I do stop him if we have guests coming!!

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted something unusual in my shopping and I hear you asking ..... why the eggs?   Surely Sue and Lovely Hubby have a flock of chickens .... yes we do but it would appear they have decided to be ornamental pets birds for a while, although they are the scruffiest ornamental pet birds you would ever have the misfortune of meeting.

It's moult time here on the hillside, and across the road as it happens, we bumped into our neighbours from the campsite while we were out the other day and yes, they too have had to go out and buy some eggs, their birds have decided to go on strike too.

You may have noticed that I've even changed the header picture of the Blog, as seeing that row of bl**dy eggs there was just infuriating when we've not had any of our own to eat for a couple of weeks now!!

Anyway at almost the end of the second week of Stoptober I now have £11 pounds in my purse and there will be another £10 added to it on Wednesday, not that I think I will need much, except maybe some more milk ... it would seem a lot of swigging went on this weekend ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I love your new photo in the header :)

  2. Oh, Sue. That made me laugh! b (The Bolshie hens, not the swigging hubby!)

  3. Out of 3 hens, only 1 is not moulting, the 2rd was broody a few weeks ago and now she is the only one NOT moulting. So a lovely large brown egg most days is keeping myself ticking over nicely!
    As soon as I saw your pic with the eggs in it I knew it was because your hens were moulting.
    As a sort of newbie to keeping chickens, I knew about moulting but, it still caught me by surprise a couple of weeks ago when I saw feathers everywhere and of course the first thing that came to mind was fox attack! Thankfully not!

    1. I am jealous of your one egg a day :-)

      I as used to the tick over of little downy feathers being renewed but at the moment they are losing their main wing feathers and like you say. the hen house looks like a fox attack every morning.

      Caldwell the cockerel is looking very 'punk like' with his usual head feathers all gone and his new ones just starting to peek through .... poor thing!

  4. Same here Sue. Forty hens and six eggs!

  5. We live in an area where lots of people keep chickens too...I wondered why the supermarket had sold out of free range eggs this morning, now I probably know why!

  6. I have just discovered your blog and wanted to say 'hello' and well done, nearly half way there.

    1. 'Hello' back :-)

      Lovely to see you here.

  7. Moulting here as well, but I am using the eggs I dehydrated and put into store, I refuse to buy in eggs, love the new header great view.

  8. You're doing brilliantly with the Stoptober. I have stretched out my buying. I usually do a weekly shop and maybe a top up. But I haven't shopped since last Monday, although we have been out and about and eaten so probably haven't saved really. My food waste levels are now practically non-existent, which feels very good indeed.


  9. I think the chickens have gone on strike here too, none from my usual supply for two weeks, hubby will call again today. and hopefully there will be some at the gate. I hate shop bought!

    My Stoptober is starting to struggle, I am running low on things we NEED, expensive items like dishwasher tablets, toilet rolls and fabric softener. So, this weeks spends will be up! We still have a freezer full and the cupboards full so its not all bad. :-)

    Gorgeous new photo. x

  10. Mine are on strike too, and the back garden looks as if there has been a pillow fight with black feather stuffed pillows Haha.

  11. Does he put a little extra something into the milk before swigging? Maybe your non laying hens are just resting a while or seeing what life is like as an ornamental bird!


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