Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dogs Watching Cats

Mavis and Suky were glued to the television the other night, and I mean really glued.  There were no adverts so nothing to distract them, even the talking humans seemed to hold their attention for a whole hour.

The programme we were watching was all about cats, and two of our dogs were transfixed by it.

What cats got up to was caught on the little cameras around their necks, how far they roamed was monitored,  how they spoke to each other and to their owners was talked about and all their little tell tale signals with their ears, tails and body language.

Ginger ..... you have been warned,  Mavis and Suky now know your every secret!!

Sue xx


  1. That's so funny.
    Yes Ginger be on the look out
    I do believe the dogs were taking notes !

  2. Trying to even up the match between cats and dogs. My money is still on the cats!!

  3. My younger dog sometimes gets transfixed with something on tv, but that's too funny to be watching a cat show.

  4. LOL!! I have a similar photo of our previous dog, utterly transfixed by .... Batman Returns with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman !

    Or there was the time when he was so totally focussed on "One Man and His Dog" that when the sheep went out of shot he walked into the next room to see where they'd gone - as he was looking at the other side of the wall to where the TV was, we reckoned it wasn't such a stupid thing to do :}

  5. Yes, our poodle Charlie was transfixed by the same programme. The week before, the sound of the cats mewing sent our Tiger off out to see where his rivals were!

  6. One of our cats was fixed to the TV, the other slept through it. We found it very intresting, having 20 cats next door, we did learn a bit more and it made me more sure you can not have too many living together.

  7. Lol, thats so funny. Bless them.

    X x

  8. Love 'em. It's a really good programme. My mums dog watches TV. None of mine do, too busy sleeping!

  9. So funny, our cat was watching the t.v. the other night, even though there were no animals on. She's a strange little thing :)


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