Friday, 15 March 2013

Please Help

I don't often beg for help on my Blog but today I am making an exception.
This is Mali, a beautiful Asian elephant who has spent  her entire life, over 36 years in solitary confinement in a tiny enclosure at Manila Zoo, she was taken from her Mum whilst still needing to suckle and put on public display.  She has lived in the same enclosure since then with no veterinary care whatsoever.  That she has survived this long is amazing, she needs desperately the company of other elephants.  Could you live like this for that length of time.
Thanks to lots of hard work mostly by Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick she has a chance but Dr Sheldrick needs support, so if you have a couple of minutes to follow this link I would love you to sign.  I have.
If we can garner enough support the authorities will have to re-home her.  The good news is that there is a safe home waiting for her in a sanctuary.  To see more about this go to the dedicated Free Mali the Elephant Facebook page and see how many folk are getting involved already.
See HERE for more information on Dr Sheldrick and there is much more information on Mali at the top of the petition page.  Blogland is a wonderful place, lots of you are on Facebook, or Twitter and could help spread the word, please do, over 2,000 of you read my Blog posts each day, if just half of you follow the link and sign this petition I would be so grateful.
Thank you.
Sue xx


  1. This is unacceptable. So very cruel.

    I've signed the petition, shared via FB & tweeted. Here's hoping the campaign works quickly.

  2. Awww so sad. I have signed the petition.

  3. How bleeding sad
    The power of the Internet eh?

  4. thankyou for posting this Sue, am off to do my bit.
    This photo has made me so sad.
    The things we humans do eh?

  5. So sad - I've signed up! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. X

  6. I will definitely sign. I am privileged to have met Daphne Sheldrick way back in 1968 when I visited her then sanctuary in Tanzania. She was looking after a young rhino at the time and my two children, aged 7 and 5 were allowed a ride. Sadly we didn't take photos like we do now so there is no record, but they still remember it at 52 and 50! Ann x

    1. What a wonderful memory for them :-)

      Thank you for signing.

  7. Thank you to everyone who has already signed, please keep this gathering momentum as much as you can, by simply signing our names we are standing up for this lovely creature.

  8. I'm so upset seeing this Sue. My brother worked with Asian Elephants for years. He lives in Thailand & I'm going to send him this link xx

  9. Done...
    Humankind did this to her
    Humankindness can help !!

  10. I've signed the petition and shared the link on Facebook too.
    Jan x

  11. Signed Sue.

    This has really upset me. Awful.


  12. This is appaling, have signed and passed it on.

  13. All done and sent on. Do you mind if I link you on my blog so others can see this poor girlie holding her own tail, how sad. I don't like any animals in zoos or circus animals. I get cross when people don't walk their dogs, must be like being a prisoner and go against every part of their animal instinct.

    1. Please feel free to link to this, the more signatures we can gather the better.

      Thank you for signing and for caring :-)

  14. Dear God this is cruel beyond belief. The picture made me cry. I've sign ed the petition and I'm spreading the news. Thank you Sue for letting us all know.

    With People Power she will get her freedom - hopefully very soon.

    Love Portia xxx

  15. I tried to sign as you requested but when I hit submit, nothing happened. Not sure what the problem is...will try again tomorrow.


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