Friday, 21 December 2012

It's getting closer........

It's getting closer. 
With twinkling lights ....

... and my lovely little Christmas tree .....

... with it's mini angel dressed in fiery red .....

...and fleecy reindeer guarding a Christmas blanket and a bowl of baubles ....
... it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.
Sue xx


  1. Oh thats all so pretty and festive, as we speak my log burner is being installed, so perhaps then I can make things more festive as only moved in 5 weeks ago.

  2. Your little tree looks lovely. We had a sprinkling of snow here so things look a lot like Christmas here as well.


  3. I LOVE your bookshelf lights, to me its not christmas without some twinkly lights about the house :) x

  4. Oh that it is Sue, not long now...Love your decorations :)


  5. I love some twinkle!
    Just saying I miss dog/cat/any animal pics!!!!!!!
    Jane x


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