Saturday, 29 September 2012

Buying a Kindle?

If there is anyone out there that is thinking of buying a Kindle Touch from Amazon over this weekend, leave me a comment with your email address, (as soon as I pick it up I will delete the comment for you so it will only be visible briefly).
 I have an offer from Amazon that I can forward an email to a friend and get them £10 off the cost of a new Kindle.Touch.  (The voucher expires on 2nd October.)
First one to respond can take advantage.
Off to move Chicken World now, they have eaten nearly all their grass.....greedy little birdies!  I'll check back on here later.
Voucher now taken - thanks.
Sue xx


  1. No kindle for me.

    No free money at all. As you know.

    Oh, Sue I wish you could pop round and 'advise' us about how to be self sufficient like you. It so wonderful to read about what you produce.

    We've done well with onions, potatoes and strawberries this year but that is about it.

    Sft x

    1. I think you're doing pretty well yourselves!!

      You have me amazed and full of admiration with your cost cutting.... and the fact that next month is your LAST EVER MORTGAGE PAYMENT....well....what an absolute achievement.

      We've yet to even begin.

      Sue xx

  2. I'm not after a Kindle, thanks all the same Sue. Just wanted to say the image I have in my head of you moving Chicken World tickled me!

    Regards, Sooze xx

    1. It doesn't tickle me!!

      It's half a day of intense work. Taking down the fence, hitching the 3 houses one by one onto the back of the truck and dragging them to their new locations, moving all the drinkers and feeders, mowing where the fence line will be and then re-erecting the fences and staking the corners.... and we have to get all the birds back in. There's always one or two that stubbornly refuse to get back behind the fence, yesterday one of the Pekin Cockerels simply ran into the woods, he hasn't been seen since!!

      We're always ready for a sit down after that little lot.

      We do this every two months to make sure the birds have fresh grass and to let the old patch recover. We have four moves in our near paddock for doing this.

  3. Hello Sue,

    Off-topic Kindle wise..

    Penny from the Hen House suggested I drop by, and I'm so glad I did.

    I'm in love with your geese for a start.

    We've done something very similar. Moved down to the West Country to restore a run down old cottage and make something out of a few acres of land. I don't have any animals yet, but when things settle down on the house front, I will.

    Look forward to following your progress, Jessica.

    1. Hi rustyduck, nice to meet you.

      You'll find lots of interesting older posts about us and pigs if you have time to trawl back. We're down to just chooks and geese at the moment.

      Sue xx

  4. Do you have a Kindle? If so what do you think of it? I have been thinking about getting some type of e-book device, but not sure which one?

    Gill in Canada

    1. I got my Kindle a couple of weeks ago (and Blogged about it), hence Amazon sending me the voucher to pass on to a friend.

      I resisted getting one for quite a while because I love books, handling them and seeing them lined up on shelves. But the Kindle is great for when you go away or for reading in bed (it's so light).

      And the best bit, there are LOADS of free classic titles that you can download onto it.

      I love it already, but I still have hundreds of books!!

      Sue xx


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