Thursday, 10 November 2011

Life is too short......

Shamelessly stolen from another Blog.

Sue xx


  1. Have only just caught up with your difficult times - take care.
    Love this poster - very true.

  2. O sue ..our thoughts and love are with you in these tough times.
    And that poster is o so true..
    lots of love

  3. Too True!
    Have a relaxing weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. great poster, we must always make the most of what we have.
    Hows your blood pressure now?

    Keep smiling as and when

  5. A great poster Sue, I don't blame you for 'borrowing' it!

    So many true words.

    Sft x

  6. Yep, yesterday I had a headache & tummy ache & it was dull drizzly & gloomy but I dragged myself out with Dillon & went through the woods feeling more & more down. Then I cut up to the clifftop and the sun was peeping out. I sat on a bench swinging my legs while Dill hunted for stones & I gazed at the wonderful view & my mood changed.

    Love the poics in your last post. Animals have that knack of making us smile don't they ?


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