Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Expectant Parents........

Caldwell and Alice at 9 weeks old.
At first this morning I didn't know what to write about, so I thought I would take a look back at May 2010 and see what was happening on the farm this time last year. POW..... there it was... the BIG news that I haven't told you about.
This time last year we got the first Lavender Pekin Bantams, Caldwell the cockerel (named after Lovely Hubbys' Dad), and his four wives, Alice, Isabel, Prudence and Little Lucy. They settled in well. We hatched some of their eggs late last year in the incubator and got our new girls... Iris, Fern and Sara, and their four little brothers who all went off to start families of their own.

Caldwell and Alice before she started sitting on her nest.


Well...the big news is.....any day now Caldwell and Alice are about to be parents..... of their very own little brood of chicks.


She has been sitting patiently for over two weeks, nurturing her eggs and being a very good expectant Mum. She has evicted 3 of the eggs, which I tentatively cracked open to see why. They had never developed into chicks, now how she could know this I have no idea, but she was right each time. This week I guess she is 'talking' to them and getting no response from some, so I understand this weeks eviction, but at the start of last week there wouldn't have been enough development....amazing! Caldwell is being a devoted husband, checking on her whenever I go near, he even took her some leaves to eat the other day, something I had no idea a cockerel would do.


Hopefully they will hatch before we go on holiday.....I'll let you know.


Sue xx


  1. Phew! The post title had me worried for a mo there!
    I didn't know that about cockerels, lovely isn't it? Or maybe he's saying, "Look 'ere love,do you think I could be firing blanks?"LOL!
    I hope not!

    Sandie xx

  2. How exciting, I do hope you get to see their babies arrive.

  3. How exciting! Do keep us updated :)

    Sam x

  4. Do we get to choose names?

    Do let us see the little ones when they arrive.

  5. Aaah! They are such beautiful birds.
    Jane x

  6. Very cool! Can't wait to hear about the little ones. How many eggs did she start with?

  7. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Just discovered your amazing blog! Just been reading some of your older posts.

    Love the idea of calling the baby chicks William and Kate! :)
    Also enjoyed the living below the line idea!!

    We already have a pair of warren hens but we are hoping to get some bantams in a couple of weeks time. Enjoyed looking at today's pictures.

    Thanks for a great read!



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