Saturday, 19 February 2011

All Change in Chicken World

Norman and Rachel Rock Chick knew something was afoot when we opened up the fence to Chicken World. ~ As the girls made a break for the raised beds to 'help' with the weeding and bug clearing... ~ ~ ...their new friends were installed in the second hen house with some wire over the door until they were acclimatised. ~
They had lots of visitors over the course of the day. This morning they were all let out with our girls to wander around their enclosure. After a few initial skirmishes, disputes were sorted and peace reigned again. The girls are all very friendly and have got down to the serious business of egg laying already with a bumper clutch of eggs now residing in the fridge. ~
We took the opportunity to move the Eglu and the baby Lavender Pekins out of the polytunnel and into Chicken World, causing much interest with Norman and Caldwell.
Tonight it has gone dark and still some of the new girls are roaming around, we are off with the torches to see if we can persuade them into the henhouses, if not they are in for a damp and chilly night!!
Note : The deadline for the slaughter of the free range hens has been extended until 28th March, if you are able to help please follow this link.
There are still almost 4,000 birds needing good homes. While we were there picking up our new girls cars were streaming in to collect birds, 2 here, 4 there, people with cat baskets, cardboard boxes, a few people with larger crates picking up a dozen or so. All types of folk with one thing in common - wanting to help a chicken have a little bit more life. The atmosphere was brilliant. As we all chose the hens we wanted we felt guilty at the ones we left behind, but fingers crossed lots of them will be re-homed before the deadline.
If you can help please do.
Thank you
Sue xx


  1. Oh wow you have such a lovely array of feathery people!! Good luck with the newbies - looking forward to hearing how they get on x

  2. So pleased that many of the chooks are finding new homes. Looking forward to seeing yours once the have all settled in.
    Sarah x

  3. Your girls are lovely! We had snow here today and when I opened the playroom gate they just stood in the doorway, looking at me like I was the world's largest loon.


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