Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Suitable footwear for chicken farmers?

When my wellies sprung a leak over Christmas, it was time to treat myself to a new pair. When we got to the farm supply shop due to the snow and ice there had been a run on wellies and the choice was extremely limited.
But guess what they had, in my size and covered in wellies....result!!
Sue xx


  1. These are gorgeous, I love them. It was as if they were there waiting especially for you. xx

  2. Ooh won't want them to get mucky,lol

  3. ha! but at least you got some- I'm wearing Sainsbury's carrier bags inside my wellies cos they leak!

  4. Mine are black with steel toecaps....nothing so glam!!
    Jane x

  5. They are perfect ! I had some rosy ones from Next for Christmas which are lovely but my legs are a bit chunky and cant stuff my jeans into them !
    Enjoy them
    Sue x

  6. I want some too please! After being in solid ice and rock hard ground, the girls are now wallowing in mud, so they would be very useful. Happy New Year. Ann x

  7. I love those - never seen any like that before. Perfect!


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