Monday, 6 December 2010

Plodding on through the cold and frost.....

We live in an ever changing landscape at the moment, where yesterday we had mist and mud, today we have thick frost and a heavy icy mist. On our walks I marvel at the ever changing look of the farm and fields,while the dogs follow the trails of animals that have ventured out long before us. ~ There is a frosty beauty in everyday items and plants, and the air is heavy and thick first thing, lightening slightly as the day gathers strength. It's always a relief to get back indoors, peel away the many layers of clothing necessary to stay out long enough to feed all the animals and clean out the henhouses, and then collapse in a thawing heap with hot coffee and porridge in front of the computer. ~ So I apologise for the sparse Blogging recently, but be assured while I'm thawing out, I am reading yours. ~ Sue xx


  1. Sue, your pictures are just beautiful! They look like something out of a magazine!! I also enjoy seeing how pretty everything is with frost on it, but I'm like you, I'm glad when I'm back inside and can thaw out!!

    I hope your day has been an enjoyable one!

  2. Gorgeous pics...everything has a beauty to it whatever the season..warm up and relax..

  3. A hard frost is beautiful, and that looks like freezing fog... but that's lovely too if you have enough clothes on!


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