Monday, 20 September 2010

A Lovely None Farmy Post

Sometimes when Mr Postman visits you get a very lovely surprise.
I ordered some ribbon and one of Janes 'Hen' notebooks off Charlotte over at Cottontails Baby
The ribbons are gorgeous and just what I am after to decorate my labels on the stall. The notebook is to record our chicken information, so very appropriate I thought, the little bar of handmade soap is what Charlotte pops into her customers parcels for a little treat.

And the little chicken toy......a very lovely pressie to me from Charlotte, isn't she just lovely?


Now this is why some smaller businesses do so well, a level of customer service this good keeps people coming back time and time again and spreading the word to all their friends. So if you have a spare moment pop over to Cottontails Baby, not just things for babies and children, lovely things for all folk with good taste. Also have a peek at Charlottes' Blog to see just what some of her little toys get up to!!


Thank you Charlotte for the super speedy service and the lovely little extras, much appreciated.

Sue xx.


  1. how funny is this- I'd just had a conversation with a friend that in these times which we DON'T call a recession, more time and care is being taken by smaller businesses to give better value for money and provide a better buying experience!

    Love your post (love all your posts ;)) and yes, sometimes its nice not to "talk shop"!

  2. Gorgeous things so beautifully presented. I'll pop over and have a look ... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Oh I love it all Sue (and thank you for the boost for small businesses). Really do like Jane's notebooks x

  4. ooh I, love the notebook ! Love the little chicky x

  5. Awww Sue, I have been a negligent blog reader and hence only just found this post. Thanks honey. Always lovely to get feedback like this - it makes a big difference.

    In fact someone ordered something last week and put 'blog' in their how did you hear about us field. Could well have been something to do with you!

  6. Hi Sue,

    I really enjoyed your post on those goodies you received. It's good to know that handmade things have value and people want to buy them. I keep thinking of making handmade items to sell at the market over here in France, but keep having wobbles as to whether people would buy them or not, but I think I'll just have to give it a go!!!

    Best wishes, Emma. XX


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