Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My Spurtle.......

A couple of you asked 'what is a spurtle'......so especially for you, here is a picture of my Spurtle.
They originated in the fifteenth century in Scotland, originally more of a spatula shape but that modified over many years to become a more wooden spoon handle shape. They are designed for stirring porridge or oatmeal. They can be plain and simple, as mine is, or decorated and carved very ornately, especially at the top with the Scots thistle being a very popular topper.
I asked Ben to make me one so I could see my very own utensil being made, it was wonderful to watch a rough piece of wood, Cherry in the case, being turned into a useful item of kitchenalia.  This is him actually making it for me.
~ A nice and useful, souvenir of a wonderful day out.
(Can you guess by what's stood behind it in the picture what I'm up to today?)
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue. Glad you had a great weekend. We went to a Wild Food Festival in St David's and watched some woodturning as well. I think you are going to use your spirtle to make cranachan, a Scottish dessert with oats, raspeberries, whiskey and cream - But, unfortunately, perhaps not. Is it on the diet? Ann

  2. I have heard of this kitchen tool before, living in north Northumberland close to the Borders there will be people using these around here. My husband will know I'm sure. Very interesting post.

    CJ xx

  3. My second thought is of course that you are going to make porridge - but with vinegar in it! Can't wait to find out. Ann

  4. Aaaahh, that answers that question then! Thank you! Your porridge will taste so much better now.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  5. Oh I have one & didn't know it was named that !
    For some reason I thought you'd bought the actual wooden contraption that makes them !!! Der !

    I use my Spurtle for..... making holes for seedlings !!!

  6. Mystery solved, thanks for enlightening us.
    Jak x


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