Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Saturdays Farmers Market

Outside today the weather is ice cold and grey, so I thought instead of chilly pictures I would show the photos I took on Saturday morning at Tetsworth Farmers Market.
It is held in the Village Hall and run by Colin and Sheila, our next door neighbour farmers who have the bread and meat stalls.
There are stalls representing a local Deli and a local restaurant as well as us Farmers. So there is always a good variety of locally grown, produced and handmade goods, all fresh as can be and SO tempting. I usually come away well stocked for the week ahead with fresh veggies, cakes and the most important purchase - handmade Mutton Pies from the local restuarant for Lovely Hubby.
So I'll take you round in the order the stalls are laid out.
You step in the door and are greeted by Judy and her lovely array of handmade cards and jewellery.
Next stall is the delightful Lavender stall manned by yours truly.
Then you come to a good bit, the kitchen. Dispensing tea, coffee and bacon butties, as well as this month, to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight....chocolate!
Next the delightful array of home produced goodies from the local restaurant The Half Moon at Cuxham.
A delightful array of preserves and chutneys.
This stall has THE most amazing selection of cheeses, honeys, oils and pates all from the local Deli.
Then - the cake stall, a temptation that just cannot be resisted. I always buy a couple of flapjacks, one to eat with my coffee at the market and two more to bring home to share with LH.
Then we have Sheila on the bread stall, a wonderful selection of hand baked loaves and buns.
And then the lovely Caroline, dispensing plants, flowers.....
...and advice!
Then we have the fantastic array of veggies from Sandy Lane Farmers Co-operative, always well set out and fresh as fresh can be.
So nice to see someone with pride in their stock!
Here is Colin, giving all the advice needed to cook the meats just right.
We don't measure our food in air miles here, these animals are off the fields a stones throw from where we live. I must point out here that I don't eat red meat, but knowing these animals have had a good life and have never been traumatisied by shipping them from pillar to post, helps me come to terms with my meat eating Hubby.
I hope you enjoyed your little trip around the Farmers Market, we are there again next month, drop by if you can.
Sue xx


  1. I certianly did enjoy this trip thank you Sue

  2. Every community needs amarket like this. Just lovely. Thanks

  3. I love these little markets. But I have to say that your Banner is Gorgeous, is it your place?x

  4. Hi Carol, yes the banner is a picture of the side of house, taken from the field beyond our paddock. It looks lovely in the snow, but at the moment it is all mucky and muddy, so I prefer the snowy picture taken at the end of January. When the sun comes out I will replace it with a nice sunny one!

    Sue xx

  5. Must try get out to Tetsworth to come to the market sometime. There must be a bus from Oxford (though it only goes three times a week I think!). Lovely lovely picture, brought a bit rural life to my very grey city morning!

  6. Agree with you about the meat thing Sue. Industrial farming is monstrous, meat eating doesn't have to be.

    I sometimes think our animals - secure, well-fed, free range - have a better life than most humans. And at least, when the end comes, it's quick...

  7. I too enjoyed the trip, and you can't get much fresher than that!!

    Gill in Canada


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