Tuesday, 14 March 2017

For Comparison

The Net and Polytunnels.

Inside the polytunnel as it is this year ...

... and as it was on this day last year.

Where are all the veggies .... the chickens have been eating them during their enforced stay undercover during the Avian Flu crisis over the last few months.  Also sacrificed as chicken treats and something to peck at that they could find suddenly hanging from their tree when they got fed up with layers pellets and corn, were all my Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants from the net tunnel.

Oh well, it's a fresh canvas in the tunnels to start from now ... and the chickens have had their freedom since the first of the month so they are busy scratching for bugs, eating the last of the over-wintered windfall apples and rummaging through the woodland on wet days   :-)

Sue xx