Thursday, 29 September 2016

Six Little Beady Eyes .......

I wonder what these six little beady eyes are keeping an eye on ......

.... yup, Lovely Hubby is a soft touch and they know if they wait and they watch there will always be a little bit of something over from his breakfast.

I don't eat bacon, or give them bits of my meals so they know it's pretty pointless to watch me  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Love their little faces which has made Haynet decide that you can be Blog of the Day today! Come and take a look:

  2. The same is true here with Tess and if I pretend to ignore her she just gives my leg a tiny nudge with her nose.

  3. We have two cats and my husband is just the same. I'm a vegie so no scraps from me and they know :-)

  4. I would sit there too with the look of that bacon. Cheryl

  5. Have you stopped putting a link through to your other challenge blog,? It used to be on the side.

    1. All my links seem to have vanished from the sidebar. There's nothing I can do about it as I'm not at home sorry. The blogs are still there, you will be able to get on them if you Google the titles.


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