Friday, 20 February 2015

It's That Time of the Year Again .....

It's that time of the year again ... when each warm day and spot of sunshine brings out a little bit more.  A little bit more hope, a little bit more growth and a little bit more wanting to get your hands into soil and just get on with things.  But I'm holding back, well I have to really until the polytunnel is covered and ready for use, but in the meantime I can potter about doing a bit of tidying here and there.  Pull early weeds out of beds and generally get things ready.

And in the meantime we can enjoy the first blooms of the season, we have snowdrops on the hillside, crocuses showing their lovely purple and yellow heads in the flower bed we planted up by the hedge last year, there are daffodils in pots by the house that are six inches tall now and just showing signs of budding up.

The ones in the jug are not home grown, they were a £1 cheat from M&S ... well you can't resist a bit of spring colour for that price can you, although I love the look I hate the smell of daffs in the house, they're just so musty aren't they  :-(

Also on the kitchen windowsill is the Gerbera that I bought from Tesco last year, it has been happily sat sitting there (remember Nellie Pledge anyone?) all Winter being watered and giving us a shot of green to look at while we wash the pots ....

... and now it's saying thank you for being looked after by giving us the promise of a new flower, I'm so glad I kept it and nursed it through the Winter.

Meanwhile outside at the back of the house at every opportunity I am making full use of my nice new washing line.  We ....  the royal 'we' that is .... dug holes, poured cement and put in two proper washing poles before the patio was tarmacked, so that once done it would look nice and neat.  And being so close to the house means at the first sign of rain I can dash out in my slippers and get things in quickly.  

It's working a treat, every time I've put washing out up to now I've had to run downstairs and bring it in after a couple of hours.  So washing half dry, me getting fit with all the jogging downstairs, it really is a win, win situation.  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I treated myself to some daffs the other day two bunches for 95p in Aldi, they are just opening, I have started my early sowings in the greenhouse we hope to ave the big polytunnel up and completed in a few weeks I cant wait :-)

  2. Looking lovely Sue. Our wood daffs are nearly in bloom now.

  3. I love this time of year for daffs. This is our first spring in our new home and it turns out that we have daffodils surrounding our house, all just about ready to explode in to bloom. I can't wait :)

  4. very jealous of you having Spring on your doorstep. Still bitter cold here in Southern Ontario.

  5. It's bitter cold here in Kentucky....7 below zero and about 20 inches of snow on the ground...I've got my seeds and seed starter mix...just waiting till first week in March to get them planted and under a grow light. Love daffodils....Spring is near :) Janet

  6. Hello Sue, I am so happy to meet you. My husband and I just bought a small place in the country, too. It is our first time (last summer) of having a garden and eating off our land. What fun! I had so many extra vegetables that I put them out on the road in boxes with a sign that said FREE bag what you want. I know that we live in very different climates, but it is still a lot of fun seeing what others are doing with their country homes and gardens. I am your newest follower. Please pay me a visit and I hope that you decide to follow me, too. No pressure.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)
    P.S. love your clothes line . . . I want to build one, too. I love the way bedding smells, when they are dried on the line:)

  7. I loved reading this post - I almost popped my wellies on and got muddy in the garden, but didn't quite get that far! I long to get out there in the garden properly and would love to hang my washing out. What a fabulous view whilst pegging out!

  8. Love this time of year.. your daffodil photo is lovely. I can't wait to be able to hang my washing outside, but this time of the year, even when it's sunny I can't, because my neighbour has an open fire (his only form of heating) and the smoke always comes down into our garden right where my washing line is.. so I will have to wait :o)

  9. I can't wait to get out into the garden. I am so ready for spring and summer and spending hours upon hours outside in my garden :) x x x x

  10. Jealous of your daffs and washing line. Both of mine are on shady side of house whilst sun is low so are blooming/used later in the year.

  11. I was looking at my sad patch of earth by the front path earlier and thinking it was nearly time to splurge on some pansy with my Christmas voucher.
    I must get some more seeds on the go too! I want to get as much set up as possible so once bump arrives I just need to do picking and watering

  12. Daffs look lovely, I actually like their smell. Haven't had a line outside since we started the extension, it's still just a patch of mud with various building rubbish on it. Hoping I'll get to have a line some time this summer, along with a new patio

  13. Sue, I so enjoy hanging sheets out on the line! My hubby installed a retractable line that we can stretch out and hook to the patio so I can hang my sheets. Delightful, and they smell fabulous.

  14. It's lovely seeing definite signs of spring isn't it? I love daffs, they're such bright sunny flowers!
    Speaking of Nellie Pledge, "Have you been"?

  15. With the few hours of sunshine and not too cold days, I've been doing little bits around the garden.
    Doing a bit here and there, getting ready for some slabs to be obtained and then put down for my greenhouse base.
    takes me a lot longer these days to do much that is effective!
    Won't be long now before you can get in the polytunnels and get dirty! xxx

  16. March being on the horizon seems full of lovely springtime promise, seeing the little flowers beginning to appear can't fail to cheer me up...even when the random hailstones appear! Katie

  17. Isn't a washing-line over tarmac an eyeopener! I just couldn't believe how much faster everything dried! If we put the sheets out first, they were often dry by the time the next load was through the machine. I'd never have believed how much the ground moisture affects drying time. The 'Royal We' did well!!


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