Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Charley and the Roof

She went from being a sorry little character, warming in front of the fire ...

... to snoozing on the sofa for the evening.

I threw some extra big logs on the wood burner and let them stay in the living room for the night, as she had snuggled in the bed that is currently tucked behind the sofa with big sister Suky at bedtime.  Judging by how stiff Suky was when she got out of bed this morning I don't think they moved at all during the night.  

This morning she is bright eyed and perky ... and has discovered that if you stick your bum in the air and relax your painkilling tablets soon kick in.

She's doing really well now, in a few minutes we are hitting the road and heading for Mum's to spend a day drinking coffee and chatting in a non-building site for a change.  The dogs will be fine in their beds on the back seat of the car for the journey, cosy and warm and much better for them both than the stress and chilliness of all this building work.

It's starting to take shape now and one side has all the beams in place, today they are working on the other side.  I'll leave them to it.

Sue xx


  1. I wish all the needy dogs could live at fact I wish I could live at yours. Proper toasty cosy home x

  2. Toasty, nothing better on a cold dank horrid day. The more I see log burners the more I want one!

  3. Looking forward to seeing it when it is all finished, (yes I am nosy lol)

  4. Gosh Charley is a cutie. I have shown the Mr her picture in the hope that she will melt his heart and we can get one when we have moved and are more settled.

    how clever is that to have the roof weight on columns, I would never have thought that and would have only thought knock it down and start again. The roof is going up really quickly. I cant wait to see it when it is finished.

  5. I bet you are looking forward to the work being complete, I'm glad Charley is back safe & sound.

  6. Charley is so cute, I always love seeing your doggies, your house is coming along nicely you have done a lot since you moved there, I noticed in the picture with suky and charley all your cookbooks, I would love to see your book collection, I am getting a bit addicted to cookbooks I had a bargain I found a Nigel Slater Kitchen Diaries for £1 in the charity shop today.

  7. They are both as cute as buttons! xx Not long now the beams are up!

  8. So cute :) Have a great time at Mum's :)

  9. Enjoy your day all of you! Nothing like mum to spoil you all.

  10. So glad to see that someone else is very careful not to spoil their dogs! ;-)


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